Wednesday, 30 November 2016

La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel

I wrote about my first experience at La Mer here and from then on I've been a convert. My skin hasn't looked plump, radiant and throughly nourished in a long time. Now I had the moisturiser down, it was time to move onto the eyes. I was given a sample of the Illuminating Eye Gel when I purchased my moisturiser, I didn't think much of it when I was handed it, yeah another gel claiming to work wonders but like the rest probably wouldn't make a blind bit of difference. But after using the sample? Oh boy how I was wrong.

The foundation of all La Mer products is the Miracle Broth, I couldn't tell you what it actually contains but it's magic. You would expect this to be your bog standard brightening eye gel but because La Mer products contain the miracle broth, it works to nourish, repair and fight against signs of ageing as well as what the product is tailored to do, in this case it's brightening. Previously I've always had good skin, I've had no signs of ageing but as I'm getting into my mid twenties and the signs of wear and tear are starting to appear, it's areas around my eyes that I'm wanting to prevent showing any early signs. I don't drink as much water as I probably should do or get enough sleep sometimes but as I've got older I've started to notice tiny dehydration lines around my eyes which I'd rather weren't there.

So after using the sample twice a day for around a month and being seriously disappointed when it ran out, there was no way I could be without it. I went back to my Clinique All About Eyes after finishing the sample and it just didn't do anything. The sales assistant told me to use a grain of rice size amount for both eyes, I can honestly say in the past when sales assistants have said this to me I've used more because it's never been enough. With the La Mer gel, I actually find I have a bit left over and it's a generous size amount to cover the area around both eyes. I can't tell you if this will make any difference to future ageing around my eyes because I am only 24 but for those dehydration lines, dark circles and even the odd bout of puffiness it's solved all those problems. The skin under my eyes is plump and completely line free which means I also don't have to worry about concealer creasing.

This is expensive, I saved up for it because to me it's worth the investment. It retails for £100/15ml but using a rice grain amount twice a day, every day will last you maybe around 3-4 months, so when you look at it that way £25 a month for an eye cream is a much better deal than anything any other high end brand could offer. If you like investing in your skin or wanting to tackle the concerns I mentioned below then head down to your local La Mer counter and have a consultation, I promise you'll become a convert.

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