Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Artis Oval 6 Brush

This has to be the strangest beauty release in my opinion and for ages I'd been deliberating whether to try these; I'm an avid lover of my Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush so to swap that for something that can only be described as an oversized toothbrush was going to be strange. The Artis Oval Brushes are some of Space NK's best selling make up brushes and after a lengthy conversation with a very informative and helpful assistant, I walked out with the Oval 6 which was best suited to what I needed this for and the type of application I was wanted.

The Oval 6 is one of the smaller brushes in the range and because of this it's designed for application of foundation, eyeshadow, blush, concealer, finishing powder, bronzer and even skincare. The easy grip handle makes use of this brush easier than I've ever experienced, long gone are the days of the brush slipping out of my hand, its easy to grip and the curved style means it rests in the hand comfortably.

The fibre bristles on the brush are designed to pick up product and distribute it easily over the face; I've found that whenever I'm using this I don't have to spend ages blending in brush lines, the product seems to buff effortlessly onto my face leaving a streak free finish. Depending on the foundation you're using and the consistency of it, it can be harder to blend some more than others but I've found for picks such as Nars Sheer Glow or Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation it's been the answer to a flawless base. The tapered edges get into all the hard to reach areas such as around the nose, corners of the eyes and under the eyebrow so I no longer have to worry about swapping brushes which makes it so easy in a morning - anything for an extra 5 minutes in bed.

There's no denying these brushes are expensive and £44 for a make up brush may seem excessive to some but the quality is outstanding, I've not experienced any shedding, it doesn't drink up my foundation and leave me none for application and as well as the quality of the brush, it's also cruelty free. It's an investment to your beauty collection and a total luxury piece which will make you look forward to putting on make up everyday.

Have you tried these brushes before? What's your favourite make up brush?

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