Thursday, 2 June 2016

Starskin Sheet Masks

I used to be an avid lover of the traditional paint on masks but when you're in a rush or wanting a quick pick me up, I've been opting for the Starskin Sheet Masks. Starskin are a brand I came across whilst browsing the beauty halls of my local Harvey Nichols, they're not a brand I'd heard of before but I was instantly drawn to the luxury packaging and the promise of nourished, hydrated skin got me purchasing them in a heartbeat. Depending on the skin concern you're wanting to treat they offer a range retailing around £6-£13 offering masks for eyes, hands and feet as well as a range for the face.

If you're like me and love taking away different lotions and potions on holiday to give yourself that well deserved pamper then these could be the perfect alternative, not to mention saving room in your 20KG luggage allowance. I have been stock piling these for my holiday in August and I can't wait to feel how soft and nourished my face, hands and feet will feel after pampering with these.

The face masks are the traditional sheet masks with the eyes and mouth cut out but unlike other sheet masks they don't have the creamy, milky residue that leaves the masks sliding off your face. When I used the Hydrating Mask it was soaked in a thick gel which clung to my face and really nourished without having to worry that the mask was sliding off. I left the mask on for the allotted time which Starskin suggest around 20 minutes. Once I removed the masks, I gently pat the residue into my skin and I'm left with my feel feeling hydrated, looking plump and glowing.

The packaging of these is fantastic, they come in handy pouches so they're perfect for travelling and if you're suffering with a sunburnt face, pop them in the fridge for an added boost. I can't wait to stock up on more including the Calming mask which will be my holiday saviour!

Have you tried sheet masks before? Do you like Starskin?

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