Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The LBP (Little Black Primer)

I love flutterings of mascara and I've been loyal to the original Lash Primer since forever so when I saw that Estee Lauder had released a new eyelash primer called the Little Black Primer, I picked it up immediately. A 3 in 1 eye lash primer which does the following:

1) Tint the lashes with the new black formula.
2) Amplify the lashes ready for mascara application.
3) Set the lashes - this is a step that can be used after mascara to turn the lashes waterproof.

So what's my verdict?
Does it do all 3? Yeah it does! The primer can be used on its own to create a subtle tint and definition to the eyes, if you're opting for a natural look then it does just that. The wand is small which means it's good for getting into those small lashes around the eyes separating lashes but the curve in the brush also helps provide a curl. It sets the lashes and almost provides a coating around the eyes which locks your normal mascara in place so it stays waterproof all day.

What I've found is the problem is, it appears to be quite harsh on my lashes, I'm finding each time I use it more lashes are shedding whereas in comparison to the original lash primer it nourished them and helped them grow. Because the formula is also designed to be waterproof, I find it difficult to remove. The past times I've used it I've switched between a cleanser to break it down or a waterproof make up remove but both methods seem to be leaving some eyelashes coated. This really puts me off using it everyday, especially since I've found it harsher on my lashes.

I can't deny that this is good, I've had many comments on how my eyelashes look since using it and it's definitely helped provide volume and definition to my lashes which I love, nothing feels better than someone asking if you're wearing falsies. It's not a product I would choose to use every day because I find the removal difficult but for those ladies wanting some extra definition for events/nights out then pick this up but also invest in a good waterproof eye makeup remover.

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