Saturday, 18 July 2015

Shower & Tan

Want to hear my take on the most recently, most hyped about tan? Well here you go...

I was like anyone else and sucked into this method of tanning. I'm the official lazy girl and anything that promotes an ease of tanning without a great deal of effort sells me. I read so many rave reviews on this stating how it was so easy to use and what a natural bronze colour it gave to the skin, I couldn't resist picking it up even though it did sound too good to be true. Well, lets put it this way, it was.

APPLICATION: It's still pretty chilly in England unless you're in direct sunlight so being stood in a cold bathroom with the water turned off, it gets cold. Everyone who's used this has also picked up on the fact that unless you take some waterproof watch into the shower, you have no idea how long 3 minutes is; I took to counting down in my head but got bored half way through. Finally, washing your hands afterwards; what a nightmare! I had to turn off my shower to apply it and then wash the palms of your hands but the water runs down your arms, if that doesn't happen the water seems to lather the tan, hence it being just a big soapy mess.

RESULT: Lets put if this way, if you were after a dark tan or even a hint of colour then avoid this. I'm Casper white, a bit of a novice when it comes to tan and someone who doesn't like that overly false look so I thought this would be perfect but it just didn't touch me at all. The only place I found the tan worked was on the tops of my hands and in 3 brown circles - how odd. I've used it twice in the shower now and twice I've not noticed any difference. If you're after a visible result I would recommend trying out the rest of the St Tropez line but to me this isn't a "fake tan" as such, more like a glorified shower cream. I could see this working best after a holiday to top up/prolong your natural tan if it was left on longer or applied out of the shower (?). I have to say that my skin did feel soft and smooth afterwards, albeit still resembling Casper.

If you're wanting to try this you can pick it up with this months Instyle magazine for the fraction of the price and while that's on offer, I'd suggest buying that to try before parting with £14.50 for the big size.

Do you use fake tan? What brand do you use?

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