Saturday, 18 July 2015

Shower & Tan

Want to hear my take on the most recently, most hyped about tan? Well here you go...

I was like anyone else and sucked into this method of tanning. I'm the official lazy girl and anything that promotes an ease of tanning without a great deal of effort sells me. I read so many rave reviews on this stating how it was so easy to use and what a natural bronze colour it gave to the skin, I couldn't resist picking it up even though it did sound too good to be true. Well, lets put it this way, it was.

APPLICATION: It's still pretty chilly in England unless you're in direct sunlight so being stood in a cold bathroom with the water turned off, it gets cold. Everyone who's used this has also picked up on the fact that unless you take some waterproof watch into the shower, you have no idea how long 3 minutes is; I took to counting down in my head but got bored half way through. Finally, washing your hands afterwards; what a nightmare! I had to turn off my shower to apply it and then wash the palms of your hands but the water runs down your arms, if that doesn't happen the water seems to lather the tan, hence it being just a big soapy mess.

RESULT: Lets put if this way, if you were after a dark tan or even a hint of colour then avoid this. I'm Casper white, a bit of a novice when it comes to tan and someone who doesn't like that overly false look so I thought this would be perfect but it just didn't touch me at all. The only place I found the tan worked was on the tops of my hands and in 3 brown circles - how odd. I've used it twice in the shower now and twice I've not noticed any difference. If you're after a visible result I would recommend trying out the rest of the St Tropez line but to me this isn't a "fake tan" as such, more like a glorified shower cream. I could see this working best after a holiday to top up/prolong your natural tan if it was left on longer or applied out of the shower (?). I have to say that my skin did feel soft and smooth afterwards, albeit still resembling Casper.

If you're wanting to try this you can pick it up with this months Instyle magazine for the fraction of the price and while that's on offer, I'd suggest buying that to try before parting with £14.50 for the big size.

Do you use fake tan? What brand do you use?

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The LBP (Little Black Primer)

I love flutterings of mascara and I've been loyal to the original Lash Primer since forever so when I saw that Estee Lauder had released a new eyelash primer called the Little Black Primer, I picked it up immediately. A 3 in 1 eye lash primer which does the following:

1) Tint the lashes with the new black formula.
2) Amplify the lashes ready for mascara application.
3) Set the lashes - this is a step that can be used after mascara to turn the lashes waterproof.

So what's my verdict?
Does it do all 3? Yeah it does! The primer can be used on its own to create a subtle tint and definition to the eyes, if you're opting for a natural look then it does just that. The wand is small which means it's good for getting into those small lashes around the eyes separating lashes but the curve in the brush also helps provide a curl. It sets the lashes and almost provides a coating around the eyes which locks your normal mascara in place so it stays waterproof all day.

What I've found is the problem is, it appears to be quite harsh on my lashes, I'm finding each time I use it more lashes are shedding whereas in comparison to the original lash primer it nourished them and helped them grow. Because the formula is also designed to be waterproof, I find it difficult to remove. The past times I've used it I've switched between a cleanser to break it down or a waterproof make up remove but both methods seem to be leaving some eyelashes coated. This really puts me off using it everyday, especially since I've found it harsher on my lashes.

I can't deny that this is good, I've had many comments on how my eyelashes look since using it and it's definitely helped provide volume and definition to my lashes which I love, nothing feels better than someone asking if you're wearing falsies. It's not a product I would choose to use every day because I find the removal difficult but for those ladies wanting some extra definition for events/nights out then pick this up but also invest in a good waterproof eye makeup remover.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Spotty Skin SOS

Imagine my horror at 22, when I've never suffered with bad skin, to have an eruption of spots and whiteheads all over my face. I wouldn't go as far to describe it as anything like acne but my skin was just very, very angry. I've really had to strip my skincare back and buy products that were targeted for my skin concerns.

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always used the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub especially when my skin is being temperamental. This scrub doesn't just cleanse, it works well at removing any dead skin cells, reducing spot size and prepping my skin ready the next steps in my skincare routine. The scrub is grainy so I remove my mascara before cleansing then apply this onto damp skin, once I've worked it into my skin for a good 2 minutes, I lay a hot flannel over my skin to open my pores and help draw out any dirt then flannel off the remaining scrub. If I'm finding that my skin is feeling dry, I use the Emma Hardie Rosehip Seeds added to a cleanser that's creamier such as a oil or balm, so my skin is still being exfoliated but it's packing some moisture back into my skin. I love a manual exfoliator as my skin feels so silky smooth afterwards.

After cleansing my face, I felt I needed a targeted spot treatment and after hearing so many rave reviews, I picked up the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo +. It's targeted for those with combination/oily skin but what I liked about it most was it's claims to unblock pores, the whiteheads I'm suffering from is due to my pores being blocked so I've been using this twice a day and it's made a visible difference within a weeks use. The cream is more like a cloudy gel which is really gentle on the skin, I suffer with sensitive skin and it didn't cause any irritation or leave my skin feeling tight. I let the serum sink into my skin and on an evening I apply the Clarins Multi Active Night Youth Recovery Cream which is a anti ageing cream but I find this also works well on healing my skin, because it contains Imudilin (dipeptide) it helps to boost cellular renewal. It's described as 8 hours sleep in a jar and I couldn't agree more. On waking, my skin is hydrated, plump and in conjunction with the LRP serum, it's much calmer and on the way to once again being spot free.

What products do you use? Do you have any certain products targeted for breakouts?


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Monthly Favourites: June

It's really starting to feel like summer isn't it? Of course by this, the sun is shining and it's a lot hotter which means my make up and skincare routine has taken a slight turn, so here's what I've been loving during the month of June...

Estee Lauder Lash Primer
If you're after long fluttery eyelashes then this primer is the one for you. As well as conditioning the lashes and helping them grow, it adds volume and separates lashes ready for mascara. Whenever I use this I get compliments and people asking if I'm wearing falsies (which I love) but I've also noticed how much it's improving the strength and fullness of my lashes.

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil
After an overdue eyebrow appointment, they're back in shape and ready to be filled in. I've run out of my trusty Hourglass eyebrow pencil so I've been reaching for this on a daily basis. I much prefer a pencil with a larger nib as my eyebrows are quite thick and with this it's just so effortless. It's not the Hourglass offering by a long stretch but for a high street bargain, it sure does do the job.

Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc
I never feel properly "done" unless I have a good standing base on. Foundation is one step I would choose among any and as of late, this is the only foundation I've been reaching for. It's medium coverage and a thicker formula than most people would choose in the hot weather but I love how this wears, in the morning you've got a fuller coverage when it's cooler and as the day wears on and it wears off, working in with the skins natural oils, it becomes a lighter coverage with a real glow and for me, that just works really well.

Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water
A classic summer essential, I believe if it's hot and you need a refresh then this is something you must carry in your handbag. Like it says on the tin, it's anti-irritating and soothing so when my skin is feeling particularly hot and bothered, I spray a light mist over my skin and leave to dry. It works by refreshing my make up, cooling me down but also great for adding a bit of glow back into your skin if you're making is looking cakey.

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact
With the weather being hotter, it's embarrassing to say I'm literally so white I'm blue so in attempt to bronze myself up, I've been reaching for this bronzer by Clarins. It's much darker than what I'm used to so you have to go easy on it but with a little sculpting on my face and over my neck and chest this gives me a gorgeous sun kissed glow.
How was your June? What products have you been loving?

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Favourite Summer Foundations

Can we say summers here? Well, I'm going to. The weather is hotter and that means my foundation is prone to slip and slide all over my face. Here's a roundup of the bases I've been choosing, one for every occasion.

For every day I want a foundation that's good on coverage but also stays put all day. I've never been a girl to top up my make up half way through the day as I just can't be bothered/don't have time so I always look for a long lasting base. The Mac Pro Longwear Foundation is medium coverage meaning depending on how my skin looks, I can build it to my desired coverage. A little goes a long way and it's super easy to buff into my skin using the Louise Young LY34. If my skin is looking a lot better or it's particularly hot, I opt for the Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow, a foundation that's a skincare makeup hybrid, lighter in coverage than the Mac offering but the lasting powder is very much the same. This foundation gives a slightly dewier finish and depending on the desired coverage, it looks just like skin.

For those lazy days, I choose tinted moisturisers and the only one I've found that really is worth mentioning is Chantecaille Just Skin. This is very much a tinted moisturiser but it has a slightly better coverage so it could also be classed as a light coverage foundation. It's light weight and sits lovely on the skin without making it greasy. The lasting power of this is around 5 hours but set with a powder it usually lasts all day on my dry skin. Downside to this is the price tag, setting you back a massive £58.

Finally, for those summer nights out or events, we all need a high coverage foundation right? Well my pick of the bunch has to be Nars Sheer Glow. With it's medium buildable coverage which provides a flawless and dewy (but not the greasy kind) finish, this foundation lasts all day without needing any fixers. It's a heavier coverage foundation, if you know you're going to be getting hot and sweaty, I'd steer clear. It contains no SPF so it's picture perfect ready and the coverage means you'll be end to spend those summer evenings enjoying yourself rather than worrying about your foundation.

What's your favourite foundation(s) for summer?
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