Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Calmer Night Time

My night time routine isn't anything spectacular, I find that from evening to evening I follow the same simple steps that prepare me for bed but also help get the most out of my skincare. Time4Sleep kindly sent me a sleeping package to help with my night time routine and since using them, I've found my nightly routine to be so much more relaxing...

Step 1: Cleanse
I wash my make up off my face and then either shower or have a bath, I love going to bed feeling super clean, while I'm in the bath I will light a candle and the BeeFayre Candle in Lavender and Geranium* is so relaxing and smells absolutely beautiful.

Step 2: Skincare
I like to load up my skin with oils and serums as well as a rich night time moisturiser, my skin is very dry and dehydrated at the moment but I've found that as well as using my trusty Clarins Double Serum, I've been slathering on this Six Rever Redensifying Night Cream*, a brand I've never heard of but the packaging instantly had me sold - an egg shape just in time for easter, how fitting - but this helps regenerate and repair the skin and in the morning my skin is soft and plump.

Step 3: Relax
This is one step I really struggle with, typically I'm busy at work all day then I come home to sit down and my mind is still whizzing around a 100 miles an hour so learning to relax is quite difficult for me. With the help of the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk* duo I've found that a spritz of the spray on my pillow before sleeping and the roller ball applied to my pressure points, the beautiful scent of Lavender just totally relaxes me and makes me calm. I've recently downloaded a Calm app to help clear my head and do some mediation before to relax, then I turn off my phone and read a book, this Dream Dictionary* is so interesting and it's great to find out why I'm dreaming about certain things.

Step 4: Sleep
I slip on the eye mask (isn't it beautiful?) and turn off all lights, settling down to sleep. Since doing these steps on an evening my skin is looking more radiant and calm as well as having a clearer head, suffering throughout the day with tension headaches can leave my head feeling clogged so it's great to wake up on a morning with a relaxed, calm head and ready to face the day.

Hope you enjoyed this post, what are your pre bedtime steps?

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