Sunday, 22 February 2015

Quick Hydration

Cold mornings make my skin so dehyrated. Do any of you ladies ever wake up with tight, dry and rough skin that's in desperate need of a moisture boost? Me too. Well here are 3 wonder products I use to pack in some hydration every morning...

Eyes - Clinique All About Eyes Rich
This eye cream is a dream, I'm currently onto my second tub of this and I can't imagine using anything else. This is thicker in consistency that the original All About Eyes and using a 5p amount rubbed between my ring fingers, I dab this around my eyebrow bone and orbital bone and leave to sink in. I can't say its worked wonders for my fine lines or preventing ageing because I'm only 22 but appearance of dark circles are visibly reduced and my eye area is looking much brighter.

Serum - Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase
The Clarins HydraQuench Serum really is something special, it's clear liquid and when shook it turns into a cloudy oily liquid. I use two pumps to cover my whole face and although it does feel quite oily on application, my skin drinks it up and I've no shine in sight. I apply this every morning under my moisturiser and find that during the day, my skin stays hydrated.

Moisturiser - Clarins HydraQuench Cream
I really could write a whole blog post on why I love this cream, for my it's certainly holy grail and a product I couldn't not have in my stash now. If you have dehydrated skin or even skin that's a little bit dry, pick this up and it will change your life. Every morning I use this and my skin has never looked better. Gone are the days of dry, dull skin and now I've got new skin that's plumped, full of colour and thoroughly packed with moisture. A almond size amount massaged into the skin is enough to pack in a full days worth of hydration and it works as a perfect base under make up. Although it is very moisturising you're not left with the tacky, slippy residue, your skin will drink this up ready for you to apply your make up.

Dry skin girls, go forward and use these products... You can thank me later.

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