Sunday, 22 February 2015

Quick Hydration

Cold mornings make my skin so dehyrated. Do any of you ladies ever wake up with tight, dry and rough skin that's in desperate need of a moisture boost? Me too. Well here are 3 wonder products I use to pack in some hydration every morning...

Eyes - Clinique All About Eyes Rich
This eye cream is a dream, I'm currently onto my second tub of this and I can't imagine using anything else. This is thicker in consistency that the original All About Eyes and using a 5p amount rubbed between my ring fingers, I dab this around my eyebrow bone and orbital bone and leave to sink in. I can't say its worked wonders for my fine lines or preventing ageing because I'm only 22 but appearance of dark circles are visibly reduced and my eye area is looking much brighter.

Serum - Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase
The Clarins HydraQuench Serum really is something special, it's clear liquid and when shook it turns into a cloudy oily liquid. I use two pumps to cover my whole face and although it does feel quite oily on application, my skin drinks it up and I've no shine in sight. I apply this every morning under my moisturiser and find that during the day, my skin stays hydrated.

Moisturiser - Clarins HydraQuench Cream
I really could write a whole blog post on why I love this cream, for my it's certainly holy grail and a product I couldn't not have in my stash now. If you have dehydrated skin or even skin that's a little bit dry, pick this up and it will change your life. Every morning I use this and my skin has never looked better. Gone are the days of dry, dull skin and now I've got new skin that's plumped, full of colour and thoroughly packed with moisture. A almond size amount massaged into the skin is enough to pack in a full days worth of hydration and it works as a perfect base under make up. Although it is very moisturising you're not left with the tacky, slippy residue, your skin will drink this up ready for you to apply your make up.

Dry skin girls, go forward and use these products... You can thank me later.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's with Yves Rocher

Being a single girl, when it rolls round to valentines, I just think of myself. I have a girly date planned with my friends which includes a showing of the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie and then some dinner and no doubt copious amounts of wine. Whether you're single or loved up with your other half on valentines, I always think it's important to make sure you feel good about yourself too... So when a little pre Valentine's Day gift popped through my letterbox, I couldn't want to have a spritz and boast to everyone about how in love I am with my new Quelques Notes d'Amour Eau de Parfum* from Yves Rocher.

Guys if you're reading this and you know you're lovely ladies likes perfume, this might be worth noting down not just for valentines but also for any occasion coming up where you wanna show you're partner some love. And ladies, if you're single, this one is for you.

A sweet but not overly baring fragrance which has a hint of floral undertones and sinks into the skin leaving the most intoxicating scent which lasts all day. The perfume is very fitting for valentines and they have created a fragrance for "a woman in love is swept up her feet, overcome with emotions and desires that only love is capable of inspiring..." Fitting huh? The packaging of this is cute, compact and wrapped up your partner would never know its perfume!

Whether you're single or loved up, I hope you all have a wonderful day and let me know what you're up to below. Happy Valentines, Love Beth x

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Brushes by Wilko?

When I was in my local Wilkinsons picking up the essential toiletries, I spotted their offering to make up brushes. Now this isn't the first time I've seen them, I simply walked past last time abandoning the idea of them and assuming because they're cheap they'll be rubbish but they've recently released a premium make up brush collection which is in a very similar style to Real Techniques, with a black and gold finish and the super soft bristles. On this particular visit, I made a beeline for the brushes and picked up three from the collection, which was the Stippling Brush (£4), the Smokey Eye Duo Brush (£3) and the Eyeshadow Smudger (£3).

Firstly lets touch on the Stippling Brush. The packaging of this states is mainly for liquid foundation use to blend into the skin to crease a seamless finish but after being so desperate for a decent powder brush, I've opted to use it for that instead. The duo fibre bristles mean the brush doesn't pick up a huge amount of product and I can dust the powder over my face to get the right amount of coverage. The bristles are soft and slide over the skin effortlessly. I've noticed the odd hair fall out but nothing major like cheap make up brushes. My Louise Young brush sheds like crazy and that was 5 times the price so in terms of it's quality, it knocks the socks of Louise Young.

Now onto my two favourite brushes... I am an eyeshadow novice and I think anyone who knows me knows I just avoid it so when I used these the other day to create a pink smokey eye, I was really impressed. I used the Eyeshadow Smudger to pick up my base colour and cover my lid with the eyeshadow, this brush is quite dense to be used as a standard eyeshadow brush but the slightly rounded tip means it's super easy to get into the socket and blend out the eyeshadow. Then I used the Smokey Eye Duo Brush to add a darker shade of pink and blend out as well as lining my lash line with a black eyeshadow using the liner end of the brush. The brushes are super soft and dense, they really pick up a lot of product and the quality would compare well against a Mac eyeshadow brush.

Overall I'm so impressed with these make up brushes! I've been dying to try the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection but I have to say these have reduced my urge to try them and their quality compares almost exactly to the original Real Techniques brushes and for such a reasonable price and fantastic quality, I'll be picking up more!
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