Sunday, 4 January 2015

Falling Out of Love with Blogging

As I sit here, I have around 5 posts in my head I want to post, but the words do not come. I've taken a break from my blog many times but always returned to blogging after I've missed it, but this time it's been different. I lost my grandfather in early December and it's the first family death I've had to experience, it's been the hardest time for myself and my family and because of this, blogging really has taken a back seat. My life will always come before this blog because at the end of the day, this little space of mine I've created really is just a hobby to me.

Lately I've missed blogging, I've craved blogging. Taking as many photos as I can and trying to draft up new posts but as of late, the photos end up half edited and the posts only written and never finished. The thought of physically sitting down writing down a beauty review makes my insides ache and I dread it. I feel like I'm a tiny fish in a huge pond, the blogging world has so much talent, amazing writers and photographers which I constantly compare myself to and beat myself up about the content I provide. I purchased a lovely new blog design hoping to seek some motivation to create new content, I upgraded my camera last year to produce better photographs and I got myself a Macbook Pro so I have the ease of blogging whenever I want without fighting for the family laptop. As a result of all this, I've fallen out of love with my blog. The words I write never seem any good, the photos always seem too blurry. I am my biggest critic, I am constantly comparing, always trying to improve and reach a certain standard. This seems a bit too much pressure for someone who only has around 760 followers. My blog is not about the followers, my passion is beauty writing but the pressure of having to think of new content as well as feeling guilty for neglecting my blog really makes my head hurt.

I'm not saying I'm giving up my blog or I'm not posting in the future but my posts will be few and far between until I fall back in love with my blog. I'll be going back to basics, blogging about what I love and creating content I want to read. The blogging community is brilliant and it's full of lovely girls and that's my favourite part about this, I've met some lovely people who have such a strong mutual interest and that would be a horrible thing to give up. I also want to venture into new areas of blogging, my love for beauty is still strong but I admire lifestyle bloggers and those who document their restaurant trips, holidays as well as their beautiful photos which is another aspect I'm wanting to improve on, photography can be so beautiful and it really inspires me.

Stay tuned with Beth Blogs Beauty in 2015, I'm hoping for a bigger and better year with more positivity and I'm hoping to be out of this rut soon. To all you followers new and old, thanks for sticking by me xxx

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