Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September Favourites

At the beginning of September I came back from a wonderful holiday with my mum to Skiathos and we really enjoyed it, it was so refreshing to have a break from work, technology and just go back to basics. I think the pattern of my holiday was wake up, read, eat, read, swim, eat, read, sleep and repeat. I did have serious holiday blues when I came back but I soon got back into the swing of things, and we're actually talking about going back to the same place next year *counts down days*. Last weekend was my birthday and I turned 22, I was well and truly spoilt and had a wonderful day. I spent the time with my family, having a nice meal and wine and basically just being a bit civilised. Anyone else feel like they can't really face a club anymore? 22 going on 82. Anyway, lets get onto the good stuff...

Nars NARSissist Palette
This was probably the most lusted after palette of this year for me, I was desperate to get my hands on it but of course, anything thats limited edition sells out super fast and I never got my hands on it. I saw it floating around in various blog sales but never had the funds so when it came up again in Amy's blog sale, I snapped it up and it's been love ever since. The colours are neutral, the consistency is creamy and the lasting power... Well, lets just say it was still there at 10am.

MAC Hue Lipstick
An oldie but a goodie, this is my go-to nude, a lipstick I'll chose for any make up look or occasion. It's a my-lips-but-better-and-nuder shade without looking like you've coated your lips in concealer. The formula is moisturising and the vanilla scent makes so lovely putting it on your lips. This lippy is now a year old and it's still going strong.

MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow
This is another gem I picked up from a blog sale. It was an eyeshadow that's been at the top of my to-buy list and I can't believe I haven't purchased it sooner. This eyeshadow gives the perfect amount of golden and pinky goodness, swept over the eye it works beautifully on it's own as a subtle hint of pink or layered with bronzes and golds. My favourite combo is to add Urban Decay's Half Baked and Nars' Fez for a golden smokey eye.

Rimmel Lasting Perfection Foundation
A foundation that really had been neglected up until September, I've been reaching for this on days where I've fancied more coverage than a tinted moisturiser but this isn't too heavy. What I really like about this foundation is the finish it gives, I really hate looking shiny and overly glowy at the moment but this gives the right amount of matte finish with a subtle hint of shimmer giving a natural sheen to the skin. The colour is a bit off because I'm tanned but mixed with a darker foundation the formula is just as good. It's amazing what you find at the back of a beauty addicts stash.

What products have you been loving during September?

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