Sunday, 19 October 2014

Clinique All About Eyes Rich Eye Cream

I love a good eye cream, it's a staple in my morning and evening skincare routine and as soon as I stop using one, I can immediately see the difference. I've tried a fair few eye creams in the past, ones claiming to banish all signs of fine lines and others purely dedicated to plumping out the eye area. Previously, the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream has been my holy grail eye cream and one I've not strayed from, until I tried the Clinique All About Eyes Rich Eye Cream. I picked this up in duty free in Skiathos, having not heard much about the product itself and only it's lighter counterpart, it was the word 'rich' that really drew me in and it's been a purchase I haven't regretted.

Now the product itself is a thick pink cream, very firm in the tub but as soon as it's worked between the fingers and applied on the skin, the product thins and blends in effortlessly. I find that all I need is a pea sized amount to moisturise both eyes, using my ring fingers to apply the cream round my eyes and orbital bone. Once applied onto the skin it sinks in really quickly which is something I love, it's perfect for those half 6 mornings when I'm rushing to apply my skincare and make up. It's not often I find a Clinique product that really agrees with my skin, I've tried their 3 step system and their cleansing balm and each time I've broken out so to say this works is a miracle.

This little pot of cream really packs a punch in the hydration department, after it's applied my eye area is soft, smooth and prepared for any concealer. I find this is a perfect base to use for under eye concealer, the concealer doesn't cake or crease after I've used this, which again gets a big thumbs up from me. My biggest make up pet peeve is when concealer creases under the eyes. In terms of how I'll look when I'm 50 with continuous use, only time will tell. It's a great step for us young ladies who are wanting to combat the first signs of ageing and add some moisture. The eye cream doesn't have any bold statements about anti ageing or correcting the eye area, it does what it says on the tin and delivers intense hydration.

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