Sunday, 28 September 2014

Faith In Nature Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm in a real rut with my hair, it's a complete nightmare and I have some unintentional ombre going on. Ever since I got back from my holiday my hair has been frizzy, dry and generally looking a little bit rubbish. When Faith In Nature got in touch asking if I'd like to try their natural shampoo and conditioner, I thought yes in hope it would sort out the dryness as this is my main concern.

I chose the Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner* mainly for the scent, I thought a bit of coconut goodness would remind me of my holiday. Firstly, lets touch on the packaging... In my opinion it is very simple, standard shampoo and conditioner bottles, it might not be right but I do tend to lean towards buying a shampoo and conditioner if they have good packaging. I wasn't wowed by this at all.

Now lets get onto the product itself, I'll start with shampoo. When I wash my hair I love a shampoo that lathers up, I love feeling like my hair is getting a really good clean but when I wash it off, I love my hair feeling soft and like it's being nourished. When I used the Faith In Nature shampoo I found it actually stripped the moisture from my hair and when I rinsed, my hair had that dry squeaky feeling which I hate. I find when my hair is like that I really need to apply lots of conditioner. I did think it was my hair just being dry to begin with but after other members of my family mentioning this, I'm not sure it's suitable for those with really dry hair.

After how the shampoo left my hair feeling I went straight onto conditioner with a big handful coated over my ends and even some through the lengths avoiding my roots, I left this on for around 5-8 minutes and then rinsed. My hair wasn't exceptionally conditioned, I found that it was soft but some of that dry squeaky feeling still remained and my hair generally still looked a little rubbish, having dry hair I really like my hair to be soft and feel really conditioned but because my hair was still rather dry when I had finished and then started drying, my hair was a frizzy mess afterwards.

I really wasn't impressed with these products, I love the idea that they're natural and don't contain any nasties but in terms of promoting these products for those with dry hair, I really don't find they pack in enough hydration. I would recommend these to anyone with normal hair who is wanting a basic and natural shampoo and conditioner set.

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