Tuesday, 22 July 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Blush in Eternal Sun

4 posts in July, it really isn't on is it? I don't even know how to explain myself, I was doing well and posting, really enjoying blogging then I hit a bad patch and every time I signed onto Blogger, I just couldn't come up with what to write. Anyway, I hope that's in the past and I'm about to mention one of my favourite products in July.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was a bit of a payday millionaire and had a little splurge in my local MAC, in my defence I did so well and worked so hard, I thought I deserved it. Yeah yeah Beth, spenders lies. I'd been looking for a new bronzer, trying to find a good one that suited me (yada yada yada) or hand over the cash and be handed back a Nars Laguna but something just put me off having to trial new bronzers and I do have a Nars Laguna at home that's not completely empty so y'know... I saw a girl pick this up and put it back down and it caught my eye, so I swatched and then fell in love.

The MAC Pro Longwear Blush in Eternal Sun looks like a burnt orange in the pan but when swatched, the colour is a bronze with a hint of golden shimmer running through it, I use a light dusting of this over my cheekbones and on my temples to give my skin some colour. The pigmentation of this blush is fantastic and the powder is very finely milled so my Real Techniques Blush Brush does pick up a lot of product, you just need to softly dab the brush in the pan to pick up enough product for application on one cheek. In terms of long wear, I can safely say come 5.30pm in 25 degree heat, the blusher is still in place and looking as good as ever. Maybe this will be the product to give my beloved Nars Laguna a run for it's money...

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