Sunday, 6 July 2014

Clarins Double Serum

Im a bit biased when it comes to Clarins products, I work with them and I love all their products so everything I've tried has worked wonders for my skin and it's the same story with their Double Serum. I put off buying this ever since I started my beauty job, I tested and tested and samples coming out of my ears but never bought it but since I did, it's been love. This product is suitable for anyone over 25 (oops I'm 21) as an anti aging preventor and it works with two elements, a water and oil mixed together it creates one serum that glides over the skin and with 20 plant extracts, it helps reduce any signs of aging.

Now let me get started on the packaging... Handy? Yes. Clean? Yes. Sturdy? Yes. This is true Clarins packaging, strong, travel and handbag friendly without any possible chance of leakage in sight. I've not taken this out with me yet but I'm sure I will soon. The two elements of the serum are separated then once pumped, they are dispensed together and you apply as you would. And the product itself? Well, 25 or not, I'd say this is a fantastic product for anyone. Of course I've not really seen any benefits of anti aging but in terms of my skins appearance, it's dramatically improved. I have dry skin which is dry and combination as the weather has got warmer, but since using the serum, my skin is intensively hydrated and I have no trouble with my skin. Pores are reduced, I found I have particularly large pores around my nose and chin but since using this they've shrunk and any dehydration lines I had on my face have disappeared. What I particularly like with this product is that it adds a glow to the skin, I usually apply the product after eye cream, let it sink in then apply moisturiser and onto my make up, I've noticed when applying my foundation I've got more of a glow and the make up sits a lot better on my face.

As I said above I can't comment on the effect of anti aging as I am only 21 but it's a great starter for anyone looking for an overall barrier. I was debating picking up the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair instead of this at the same time but I'm so glad I opted for the Double Serum because it beats it hands down.

Have you ever tried Double Serum?

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