Thursday, 3 July 2014

Birchbox: First and Last

It's not often I'm disappointed with something, most of the time I read into what I'm buying and usually I end up perfectly happy with what I've received. This is what I thought would happen when I signed up to Birchbox. After speaking to other bloggers (some who are sent the box and others who pay for it) who all raved about the box, said it was good value for money and received good samples, I signed up and then 4 days later the box was mine.

In all fairness, I probably wouldn't have signed up to the subscription unless it wasn't for the BeautyBlender that I saw everyone receive in their June box, I too was sent the June box so I was really looking forward to getting it. The BeautyBlender was the only full size product in this months box and to me, I got the impression the BeautyBlender would be included in each box. Boy was I wrong. In my June box, I received 4 samples, the letter in the box stated I would receive 5 and it turns out I was missing the Naobay Body Radiance Lotion. Fair enough, I contact customer services who said they'd get one sent out to me (I'm waiting to see if it surfaces) but as for the rest of the items? I'm not overly impressed. I got an OPI Brazil nail polish, Caudalie face cream, Shea Butter hair mask by a brand I've never heard of and a Benefit They're Real mascara mini, which I will add was included in their last months box! Firstly the Benefit mascara is no good for me, I've had an allergic reaction to it on previous use, not that Birchbox knew this but what appalled me more than anything was the fact they've just recycled last months products and still have the cheek to charge you £10. Their excuse for this was "this is a great sample from a great brand and although featured last month we like to share these with new subscribers, so they too can enjoy these great samples", Birchbox if I'd of wanted last months samples, I would of signed up last month wouldn't I? I am fully aware that not everyone can have the same samples but I'd at least like to be sent items from the picture they have advertised on their website. It's sods law really that I didn't receive it.

The next issue I had was postage, when I signed up I was aware that I would be entitled to free p&p as I am a new subscriber, so when I went to the checkout, put in all my details and pressed confirm, I was charged for p&p. We are in the 21st century and most websites are aware of new users so surely deducting p&p in the final stages of checkout surely isn't rocket science? In this case, it is. I was charged for p&p and as their way of rectifying this, they credited me with some lousy points for a website I shall no longer be using. £2.95 isn't a great loss but it's the principle, I'd rather have my money back than it tied up on their website.

I probably sound like a Moaning Myrtle and I'm asking too much but the truth is, this box is a rip off. Samples are widely available in stores and even online so spending £12.95 each month for samples is beyond me. Like I said above, I wouldn't have purchased it if the BeautyBlender wasn't shown but lets face it, I didn't receive that either did I? So for £12.95 on a rolling subscription, I'll tell you now, my account is cancelled.

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