Tuesday, 22 July 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Blush in Eternal Sun

4 posts in July, it really isn't on is it? I don't even know how to explain myself, I was doing well and posting, really enjoying blogging then I hit a bad patch and every time I signed onto Blogger, I just couldn't come up with what to write. Anyway, I hope that's in the past and I'm about to mention one of my favourite products in July.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was a bit of a payday millionaire and had a little splurge in my local MAC, in my defence I did so well and worked so hard, I thought I deserved it. Yeah yeah Beth, spenders lies. I'd been looking for a new bronzer, trying to find a good one that suited me (yada yada yada) or hand over the cash and be handed back a Nars Laguna but something just put me off having to trial new bronzers and I do have a Nars Laguna at home that's not completely empty so y'know... I saw a girl pick this up and put it back down and it caught my eye, so I swatched and then fell in love.

The MAC Pro Longwear Blush in Eternal Sun looks like a burnt orange in the pan but when swatched, the colour is a bronze with a hint of golden shimmer running through it, I use a light dusting of this over my cheekbones and on my temples to give my skin some colour. The pigmentation of this blush is fantastic and the powder is very finely milled so my Real Techniques Blush Brush does pick up a lot of product, you just need to softly dab the brush in the pan to pick up enough product for application on one cheek. In terms of long wear, I can safely say come 5.30pm in 25 degree heat, the blusher is still in place and looking as good as ever. Maybe this will be the product to give my beloved Nars Laguna a run for it's money...

Thursday, 10 July 2014

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium

Who else is suffering from shiny face syndrome now the weather has got hotter? I am anyway. When summer hits, I love a glow. I'm all for the glow infact. But when it starts looking like I'm a greasy sweaty mess, I am not all for the glow. So in my recent shopping spree and a last ditch attempt to combat any more shine, I headed over to my local MAC counter and picked up a Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade Medium. This shade is a perfect match and neutral colour for anyone like me who's around MAC NC20.

I only own two powders in my stash, well 4 if you count the other two in my Hourglass palette but none are suitable now it's summer. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette is a lovely palette, the formulas are perfect and they're a great powder to blur any imperfections but when I've applied this, more often than not I look like I've got greasy skin. Then there's my Natural Collection Translucent Loose Powder, this is a typical powder, great for getting rid of any shine but when I apply this, my skin looks dry and dehydrated and the powder cakes and basically it doesn't look good.

In terms of the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish, this is probably a distant cousin if you were to put the Hourglass and Natural Collection powders together. The finish of the Mineralize Skinfinish is more of a powder finish similar to the Natural Collection one but it's light enough it doesn't cake, it sets make up and still let's a little glow come through without looking shiny. See what I mean about distant cousins? I apply a light dusting of this all over my face using the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Face Brush and after each application means my make up lasts right through the day.

A quick mention about the packaging too. I've had a Mineralize Skinfinish before and it's packaging was flimsy, would always open unexpectedly and it was generally shoddy. I'm pleased to see MAC have changed their packaging to a magnetic compact which is strong and stays closed well and even contains a mirror unlike the previous packaging meaning it's great for on the go. Can you tell I like to take my make up with me? I'm not sure if MAC have increased the price because of this but it's much better quality than before.

I'm really impressed with this product, I had a little MAC splurge at the weekend so no doubt there'll be more reviews to come soon!

Have you tried the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Monthly Favourites: June

Can you believe we're now in the 7th month of the year? It's scary to think we're already half way through and closer to christmas than the beginning of the year, Christmas feels like it was only last week. Where is my life going?! I've had a busy June mainly working, I started a new beauty therapy job alongside my full time job so it means a lot of 6 day weeks but my wages at the end of the month made it all worthwhile. We've had some news about us moving so that'll all be within the next month or so which probably means I probably won't get a summer holiday this year but I'm still holding out hope. Anyway, enough of my ramble, I'll get onto the good stuff...

Excuse the grubbiness of it but I am absolutely head over heels in love with the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge, when I was applying concealer under my eyes it would crease and cake and it drove me mad, but since using the sponge to dab in the concealer, I've noticed it stays put and doesn't crease around my eyes. If you read my Birchbox post you'll know how much I'm dying to try the BeautyBlender, of course since I've never used it I can't comment on how well it fairs in comparison but it's a good starting point for anyone like me who's new to sponges.

I've been loving my bases at the moment but seeing as it's been hot in England (well sticky, humid and hot) I've been switching up what foundation I've been using. For good skin days, I've opted for the Garnier Miracle Cream, a white cream that changes to adapt to your skin tone when applied, I like this as a base because it evens out my skin tone, doesn't look orange and also hydrates my skin all day. It doesn't last throughout the whole day and I do find I need a touch up around 3ish but for those days where you've got errands to run or having a good skin day, it's a great base to opt for. When my skin isn't looking so great, I'll be honest in this weather I am looking slightly spotty, I go for a base with more coverage and at the moment I've been loving the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, I picked this up in my local Boots for £14 (yes, £14!) and I've really enjoyed wearing this. It's a lighter version of the Double Wear but I find this formula isn't as drying so I can wear this throughout the day and the foundation doesn't cake. The best thing of all is that it really does stay put all day so when I'm busy I don't need to worry about touch ups.

For lips, in this weather it's pretty much pointless trying to wear lipstick, I carry them in my bag but they just seem to end up melting so I leave my lipsticks in the safety of a cool drawer and I've been loving the Clarins Lip Balm Crayon in 02 Creamy Pink. It's a lipstick/lipbalm hybrid but it's lovely on the lips, a soft wash of colour and a moisturising formula. I did post that I didn't see much colour pay off with these but my lighting must have just been bad because when applied well, the colour really comes out.

And finally, we have the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer, I was debating purchasing the Nars one I love so much but when I saw the packaging I personally didn't think it was great value for money. After hearing about Makeup Revolution and how good their products are, I put this in my basket when I ordered the eyeshadow and blush palettes. The verdict is in and I'd say it's as good as a high end counterpart, I've worn this on a couple of occasions and it's seen my eyeshadow through a hot, sweaty day and if that's not putting it to the test, I don't know what is. For around £4, this is an absolute bargain so save your pennies and get an eyeshadow palette to team it with.

What products have you been loving throughout June?

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Clarins Double Serum

Im a bit biased when it comes to Clarins products, I work with them and I love all their products so everything I've tried has worked wonders for my skin and it's the same story with their Double Serum. I put off buying this ever since I started my beauty job, I tested and tested and samples coming out of my ears but never bought it but since I did, it's been love. This product is suitable for anyone over 25 (oops I'm 21) as an anti aging preventor and it works with two elements, a water and oil mixed together it creates one serum that glides over the skin and with 20 plant extracts, it helps reduce any signs of aging.

Now let me get started on the packaging... Handy? Yes. Clean? Yes. Sturdy? Yes. This is true Clarins packaging, strong, travel and handbag friendly without any possible chance of leakage in sight. I've not taken this out with me yet but I'm sure I will soon. The two elements of the serum are separated then once pumped, they are dispensed together and you apply as you would. And the product itself? Well, 25 or not, I'd say this is a fantastic product for anyone. Of course I've not really seen any benefits of anti aging but in terms of my skins appearance, it's dramatically improved. I have dry skin which is dry and combination as the weather has got warmer, but since using the serum, my skin is intensively hydrated and I have no trouble with my skin. Pores are reduced, I found I have particularly large pores around my nose and chin but since using this they've shrunk and any dehydration lines I had on my face have disappeared. What I particularly like with this product is that it adds a glow to the skin, I usually apply the product after eye cream, let it sink in then apply moisturiser and onto my make up, I've noticed when applying my foundation I've got more of a glow and the make up sits a lot better on my face.

As I said above I can't comment on the effect of anti aging as I am only 21 but it's a great starter for anyone looking for an overall barrier. I was debating picking up the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair instead of this at the same time but I'm so glad I opted for the Double Serum because it beats it hands down.

Have you ever tried Double Serum?

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Birchbox: First and Last

It's not often I'm disappointed with something, most of the time I read into what I'm buying and usually I end up perfectly happy with what I've received. This is what I thought would happen when I signed up to Birchbox. After speaking to other bloggers (some who are sent the box and others who pay for it) who all raved about the box, said it was good value for money and received good samples, I signed up and then 4 days later the box was mine.

In all fairness, I probably wouldn't have signed up to the subscription unless it wasn't for the BeautyBlender that I saw everyone receive in their June box, I too was sent the June box so I was really looking forward to getting it. The BeautyBlender was the only full size product in this months box and to me, I got the impression the BeautyBlender would be included in each box. Boy was I wrong. In my June box, I received 4 samples, the letter in the box stated I would receive 5 and it turns out I was missing the Naobay Body Radiance Lotion. Fair enough, I contact customer services who said they'd get one sent out to me (I'm waiting to see if it surfaces) but as for the rest of the items? I'm not overly impressed. I got an OPI Brazil nail polish, Caudalie face cream, Shea Butter hair mask by a brand I've never heard of and a Benefit They're Real mascara mini, which I will add was included in their last months box! Firstly the Benefit mascara is no good for me, I've had an allergic reaction to it on previous use, not that Birchbox knew this but what appalled me more than anything was the fact they've just recycled last months products and still have the cheek to charge you £10. Their excuse for this was "this is a great sample from a great brand and although featured last month we like to share these with new subscribers, so they too can enjoy these great samples", Birchbox if I'd of wanted last months samples, I would of signed up last month wouldn't I? I am fully aware that not everyone can have the same samples but I'd at least like to be sent items from the picture they have advertised on their website. It's sods law really that I didn't receive it.

The next issue I had was postage, when I signed up I was aware that I would be entitled to free p&p as I am a new subscriber, so when I went to the checkout, put in all my details and pressed confirm, I was charged for p&p. We are in the 21st century and most websites are aware of new users so surely deducting p&p in the final stages of checkout surely isn't rocket science? In this case, it is. I was charged for p&p and as their way of rectifying this, they credited me with some lousy points for a website I shall no longer be using. £2.95 isn't a great loss but it's the principle, I'd rather have my money back than it tied up on their website.

I probably sound like a Moaning Myrtle and I'm asking too much but the truth is, this box is a rip off. Samples are widely available in stores and even online so spending £12.95 each month for samples is beyond me. Like I said above, I wouldn't have purchased it if the BeautyBlender wasn't shown but lets face it, I didn't receive that either did I? So for £12.95 on a rolling subscription, I'll tell you now, my account is cancelled.
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