Monday, 16 June 2014

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil Beauty Scrub

Summers officially here in England and we've got weather over 10 degrees, who'd have thought it? Of course it's now time to get the pins out and after months of wrapping myself in skinny jeans and jumpers, I've neglected my skin and it's looking less than lacklustre at the moment. I used the last handful of my Caudalie Divine Scrub which really was divine but I couldn't afford the over £20 repurchase just yet, after seeing the Oil Beauty range in Boots, I picked the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil Beauty Scrub up on a whim and now I'm not looking back. Seeing as I have quite rough skin on my arms and legs, I prefer a scrub that's very grainy which can really exfoliate the skin and shift any dry and rough skin. Firstly, the scent with this really is gorgeous, not as nice as the Caudalie offering but lovely nonetheless. The scrub is rough with an almost sand like texture, nothing too abrasive so it doesn't irritate the skin, I buff this into the skin during a hot shower and rinse. The four oils help the scrub slide over the skin but doesn't leave an oily residue, it does leave skin soft enough that if you were lucky enough you could skip moisturising, unfortunately I'm not so lucky. I really like this body scrub as a high street alternative to the Caudalie one and does it compare? It certainly does and for £7.15, it's a bargain! My arms and legs will be summer ready!

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