Saturday, 17 May 2014

Skincare Bolt Ons

I love a good skincare bolt on, in my opinion my skin wouldn't be half as decent now without the help of some wonder products. I've tried and tested a few out there now and I've found some absolute gems that are currently on rotation in my skincare stash, whether I'm a bit oily, spotty & congested or dehydrated, I have a bolt on to solve every problem.

First up, there's exfoliation and I'll say I've always been a fan of the scrub exfoliators, the ones that have the grit and you buff over your face so when I was first introduced to chemical exfoliants, I couldn't get my head around them. I've previously tried Alpha H Liquid Gold but after finding it's probably a bit too harsh on my skin for the amount I want to use it, I headed to the Clarins counter and picked up their Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner, this toner contains fruit acids which is gentle enough to be used as a everyday treatment. This has been a slow process but I can see it's starting to make a difference to my skin, my overall complexion appears brighter and clearer and I'm hoping it will reduce any scarring on my face.

When my skin is feeling congested and I'm spotty, there's two products I rotate depending how much grime I feel needs removing. The REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask is a new addition to my skincare collection and it's a great little mask, this sucks up all the nasties on the skin, bringing them to the surface and promoting cleaner skin. This is your traditional clay mask which dries hard on the skin and makes it impossible to move your face but for balancing any oiliness and reducing spot size, this is the one. Then for an overall general skin pick me up and detox, I use the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask which is very similar to the REN mask but not as drying, I find I can apply this all over my face without it stripping any natural oils. When I am hormonal I apply this to help reduce any spots coming up and the length of the spots is reduced almost by half. The Aesop mask has the same properties as REN, drying on the skin to a hard clay finish but in terms of clearing out impurities such as blackheads, it's not as harsh which makes this a great mask for any dry skinned girls.

My favourite step and a step I do every night is moisturise and pack my skin with hydration, the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask is one I've had for ages now and I'm still no where near the end, a teeny bit of this goes a long way as a moisturiser or layered onto the skin on an evening as an intensive treatment, each morning I wake up to soft, hydrated and firm skin which is what every dry skinned girl wants. I like to team this up with an oil for on an evening or use it alone as a hydrating treatment to boost my skins hydration, cause my skin always needs it.

What are your favourite skin treatments? Leave me some suggestions below because I'm always after new skincare additions, a girl can never have too many. Don't forget there's still plenty of time to enter my giveaway to win a £40 Space NK gift card too, click the link here.

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