Saturday, 3 May 2014

Monthly Favourites: April

Favourites time! And in the month of April I've been using a lot of beauty samples which have lead me to pick up some skincare goodies - I promise I'm not sponsored by Clarins - and a new foundation that's made me rekindle my love for a long wear formula without all the cakeyness like Double Wear, and finally a high street goody that's tamed my overgrowing brows.

All the full size items here I bought after using samples, Clarins offer good sized samples with their products and you get a few day and night applications and I immediately fell in love with them. The Gentle Brightening Toner is a bloggers favourite and one I've been desperate to pick up in order to brighten my skin tone. Not being a fan of the Alpha H Liquid Gold I knew this would be the one for me, gentle but still packs it's punch in the old exfoliating department and with day to day use, I've been showing off a more clearer complexion.

The second sample I received was the HydraQuench Cream and when I say it was love at first application, it really was. I can't describe this as good as it is but if you've got dry skin, give the Hydraquench range a try! What I love about this moisturiser is a tiny bit goes a long way, it sinks into the skin very quickly and you're left with plump, hydrated skin. I was using this the same time as my Clinique Superdefense Moisturiser was running out and trust me, there was no comparison!

And finally, on my 3rd trip to Clarins the lovely advisor gave me a sample of the Instant Eye Make Up Remover which again is another blogger favourite! I've been wearing the Truly Waterproof Mascara and nothing would shift it so I was happy to give anything a go. £18 later and one application down, waterproof mascara is no longer a problem come cleansing time! I've been loving a lot from Clarins at the moment and I've really found a brand I love. Every product I've tried on my skin sits beautifully and suits my skin type well so I'm afraid there will be more Clarins based love on this blog!

As I said above, I've been loving a long wear foundation and just working a full day with the weather getting warmer, my make up just tends to slid. I was previously a slave to Estee Lauder's Double Wear when I first started blogging but that stuff is cement, it dries into the skin and cakes and basically I hate the stuff so after searching high and low for a good long wear foundation, I treated myself to Mac Pro-Longwear Foundation. Now the DL on this: satin finish, 15 hours wear, medium buildable coverage,suitable for most skin types... All you could ever want in a bottle! I've tried and tested this on a few hot days at work recently and it does really stay put, I was impressed how flawless my base looked, big thumbs up from me but this gets an even bigger thumbs up because it's so easy to remove, unlike Double Wear that cemented itself onto your face and took about 3 cleanses to remove, this just dissolves using my Clinique Cleansing Balm! Could this stuff be holy grail? It's looking like it.

And finally the only product gracing my brows through the month of April is the Maybelline Brow Drama. I'm currently in the process of growing my eyebrows out to get them threaded and shaped so while my brows are a tad unruly, I've just been brushing them through with this. A teeny hint of colour and a bit of a tame is all they need at the moment till the wonderful women at Shavata work their magic then I'll be switching back to my Hourglass Pencil! If you're like me though and just want to tame your brows on a budget, pick this up because it really does keep them in place all day!

Quite a lot of new favourites in April but they're all products that have a permanent place in my collection, I went in to April a Clarins virgin, now I'm a Clarins convert. What have been your monthly favourites?

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