Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Foundation Combos

I love foundation as much as the next girl and finding the perfect base really is a mission I think I'll forever be on. One day my skin is too dry, the next it's normal, I can't keep up with my skin and there just isn't one foundation that's a "one size fits all" so in my quest for that perfect foundation, I've managed to combine some foundations that give me what I'm after in two products, not one.

It's not often I get a good skin day, I'm either combating serious dark circles or that pesky hormonal blemish but sometimes whether my skin is spotty or not, I just don't always fancy a heavy coverage foundation. I love the Chantecaille Just Skin for a tinted moisturiser, this to me is more of a lighter coverage foundation which provides a dewy finish but for those days where I'm after a little somethin' somethin' I add a teeny amount of the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Base to add more coverage to the foundation to cover said blemishes and dark circles. I don't always use this as a foundation combo, sometimes I will apply the Chantecaille Just Skin as a base and use the Kevyn Aucoin as a concealer but still opting for a light coverage. I find a good pea sized amount of this mixed with a tiny bit of the Kevyn Aucoin gives me a full face application and covers any nasties.

We've all been there right girls, you need your foundation to last all day but you don't wanna trowl it on and especially if it's warm who wants clogged pores and cakey foundation? Enter this foundation combo. The Chantecaille Just Skin mixed with two pumps of the Mac Pro Longwear Foundation gives me a semi matte finish with a hint of glow and a lasting power of up to 15 hours. I've applied this combo before a hot day at work and come 7pm, my make up was still flawless (I wish I woke up like dis). Both not the most affordable foundations on the market but two investments you're sure to not regret. I mix these two together on the back of my hand, dot around my face where I need the coverage the most such as my chin, around my nose and eyes then blend with my Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush... Ta-da long lasting tinted moisturiser.

I wouldn't be a girl would I if I didn't have bad skin days and yes sometimes, I am desperate to cover my skin up and fake a flawless complexion so I turn to these two products to step up my coverage. The MAC Studio Sculpt is already a medium buildable foundation with a gel texture but I don't tend to use a lot of this, it's a product I find very hard to blend if I've taken too much on my brush so to up my coverage, a teeny bit of the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Base on a cotton bud mixed with the Studio Sculpt and then buffed into my skin gives a more natural high coverage without piling on layers and layers of one foundation. I'm the type of girl who'd rather combine two products together to create one finish than continue to build and build layers of foundation so this combo is right up my street. If you're a girl who's after a higher coverage or prefers a strong concealer, pick up the Kevyn Aucoin and use this as a multi-use product. This foundation combo tends to last all day without any major reapplication needed and a combo that comes around at least one week a month, you girls know what I mean.

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