Thursday, 10 April 2014

Busy Bee

Life lately has been a bit hectic, first I was struck down with a horrendous cold which had me off work for a couple of days and now I'm still battling a chesty cough and having asthma, it makes it so much worse but I'm 100% better and back to work now. I did start off trying to keep up with my blogging, then I when I got ill, it just made me exhausted and blogging took a backseat. I've also been putting a lot of pressure on myself and beating myself up about not blogging and feeling like I'm not achieving anything but I have to remember to blog when I feel most inspired and motivated and not make blogging out to be a chore. If I lose followers for having a life, so be it. Blogging is a place on the internet and my whole life doesn't revolve around it, no matter how much I enjoy it.

Spring is here and the sun is finally shining in England and the weather is a warmer which means I'm donning the fake tan and wanting to slim down for the summer. I'm really motivated to lose some weight and get more active, so far so good. I've been making myself salads and healthy snack options and I'm just putting all my effort into keeping active, eating well and seeing good results. It's early days yet but I'm so optimistic about it!

Today I received my certificate for completing my Dispensary Assistants Course which means I'm now a qualified pharmacy dispenser and can choose to progress to Level 3 which is a decision I'm contemplating. I'm not really enjoying my place of work recently and weighing up my options there but I'm still deciding if pharmacy is a path I want to continue in. I'd love to do some travelling but in the meantime, working is essential for saving any money to put towards my future. I'm proud of my achievement because pharmacy is a hard job and it took a lot of work and knowledge to complete the course, but whether it's a path for me is still something I need to figure out.

Hopefully I'm back and up to normal, sometimes life does get in the way of blogging and my life will always be more important than my blog but I love this and when I do blog, I realise how much I do love it. I'll try post more regularly and consistently, but please bare with me if I have a glitch, haha. Let me know what you've been up to in the comments below, anything good?

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