Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Blushing Selection

Want to see all the blushers that I own? This is it. I love blusher but it's not something I reach for on a daily basis. I'm a bronze girl through and through and often daydream about me on a beach in Bali bronzed out a la Tash Oakley style on Instagram. But there are a few blushers that I love and yes, they're all more or less in the coral category.

The newest blusher in my stash and my favourite of them all is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion, I saw all the hype with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and once I say they were offering a blush version, I knew immediately I'd have to have one. I signed up on Space NK, handed over my £28 and not long after this was making full statement on my cheeks, well, sort of... The finish of this is very subtle, combined with their ambient lighting powder this blusher also gives a blurring effect as well as a pop of colour and the shade is just got Beth written all over it. I've said many of times you can't ever really get full effect when you swatched these with your fingers, the powder is so finely milled and I don't know how it works but the brush picks up the colour and applied on the cheeks gives me the right amount of peachy, coral goodness I'll ever need.

And now we're onto Nars, their blushers are absolutely beautiful and I swoon every time I visit the counter. After purchasing Orgasm in my early blogging days and not really ever getting along with it, I sold it to a better home and that left me with Gina. Originally I wanted Lustre but after swatching both in store, my heart was set on Gina. A true orange blush that can look as stark as it does in the pan, but a light dusting of this over bronzed cheeks looks absolutely stunning and makes me feel summery. This is typically a summer blush in my eyes and one I find I can get away with most of the time when I've got a bit of a tan but still looks gorgeous in any other season nonetheless. Like any Nars powder, it's finely milled, heavily pigmented and a teeny bit goes a long way. I'm currently eyeing up Lustre now I'm sold Orgasm, that's totally acceptable right?

I wouldn't be a beauty blogger if I didn't have a MAC blusher or two, would I? My favourite of the two is Style which is a peach blush with a golden sheen running through it. Whenever I wear this I get so many compliments on how healthy my skin looks and it's all down to this. It acts a highlighter and blusher in one and the shade suits my skin all year round. It does take a lot of blush to build up a strong colour but one thing I love about this is how light the colour pay off is meaning those early mornings I'm never likely to walk out the door with a serious case of blush overload. On the other end of the scale is Peachykeen, this looks quite red in the pan but applied it's very similar to Benefit's Coralista. This is a very pigmented blush so in comparison to Style, it's easy to go overboard on this blusher. I find that sweeped in the pan and the excess brushed off on my hand, I get the right amount to apply on my cheeks. I find this looks best with a bronzed face as a darker coral colour can make me appear very pale. Still a beautiful blush but not one I get much use out of but it's once I've been trying to choose lately.

Not a mass blusher horder myself, cause I'm always into my bronzers but leave your blush recommendations below. Who knows, I might even find a pink I like! That'll be the day...

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