Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Haircare Dream Team

I love my beauty products, I love good make up and skincare finds but when it comes to haircare, my routine really is lacking in somethin' somethin' which tends to equate to flat, dull & lifeless hair. Yes I really am Pantene's dream consumer. But lately I've found a routine that packs it when it comes to nourishing my hair and two now holy grail products from Oribe that have left me maybe giving Cheryl Cole a run for her money.

The Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes - Recovering Shampoo & Conditioner* was a set I'd not really heard much about so when it came through the letterbox I was dubious to try it. FYI my hair is dyed brown with oily roots and normal ends and a sensitive scalp, yeah dream hair. I read the reviews on Look Fantastic and various blogs and the following morning washed my hair and followed my usual haircare routine. Did I notice any difference? Not immediately, the texture of my hair was vastly improved though and I was left with smooth and silky hair. I've noticed this hasn't irritated my hair or prevented the colour to fade any quicker. With continual use I can definitely say that the overall appearance of my hair has improved. In terms of my scalp, it doesn't irritate but my scalp is so sensitive I feel I need another shampoo to help this. Leave your recommendations down below girls.

Then it's onto the wonder two, both by Oribe (pronounced Orr-bay but I always want to say Or-reeb) and the first is their Volumista Spray, I picked this up in a recent Space NK haul after going to great lengths deciding between this and their Maximista Spray. Of course Anna recommended the Volumista and used it in her haircare routine video so I was sold. I use this post shower on damp hair, brush through then dry. The end result is a bigger blowdry than usual, nothing out of this world and I don't look like something out of John Frieda advert but it gives enough to make way for step 2... Which is of course the Dry Texturising Spray and girls, if you don't have this, buy it, buy it now! I've tried many volumising sprays, mousses and creams and nothing really does it like this does. A large bottle of this will set you back around £40 but if you're tired of searching for The One like I was, then this really is an investment. I use this as a finishing spray on first day hair to give my hair more volume and then on second day hair as a dry shampoo and it's enough to last me to day 3 before washing my hair. I particularly like using this on curled hair brushed out, backcombed a bit and sprayed to create a full bodied hair-do. I've not yet got the hair girls would dream of (search: Cheryl Cole) but with this current haircare routine, who knows.

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