Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A BBB Christmas

Christmas make up | No Christmas jumper... A Christmas top counts right? | Festive stairway | Christmas tree | Truly spoilt this year, so grateful to my wonderful family | Eating the last of my advent calendar | Christmas food prep with the help of a hungry furry one | Our family loves pigs in blankets... Best part about Christmas! | The Turkey | Sitting down for dinner | My favourite Christmas film on TV | The neighbours festive lights.

Merry Christmas to all you lovely bloggers. I hope you've had a lovely day with family, friends or whoever you're spending it with and been well and truly spoilt, like myself. I've had a great day relaxing with family, chit chatting with friends and eating too many pigs in blankets. This post is coming to you from a very deep food coma which I'm sure you're all experiencing too. I've enjoyed relaxing and spending the time with my family, and even managed to squeeze in some sale shopping whilst everyone was sleeping off their dinner. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas time off and have a fabulous Boxing Day. I see the Galaxy is giving me the eye, one bit couldn't hurt?


  1. Replies
    1. Merry Christmas Coco, hope you had a lovely day xx

  2. What lovely photos :) and such lovely gifts lucky you!

    Hope you had a good christmas, you deserved a treat :)

    Danniella x |

    1. Thanks Daniella, hope you had a fabulous christmas too xxx

  3. Ahhh amazing pictures Beth and amazing products. Love the jumper, so cute!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

    1. Thanks Claudia, hope you had a wonderful christmas xx

  4. Lovely photos! Lucky you, looks like you got some great gifts! :)

    Alannah |


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