Friday, 15 March 2013

Chantecialle Just Skin

If you have read my favourites post from February. You'll know I'm a tinted moisturiser convert and foundation days seems like a distant memory. On my recent trip to Space NK and with Chantecaille in mind, the money was taken and out I came with a little black bag and a purchase that I've definitely not been regretting. Say hello to my new best friend and make up product, the Chantecaille Just Skin...
Chantecaille Just Skin: £57 Space NK

Sitting on the fence of tinted moisturiser/low coverage foundation, this provides enough coverage for good and bad skin days. I've recently been a bit blemish prone due to illness but this buffed into my skin with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (*swoon* dream worthy combo) and a dab of concealer on those nasties and I kid anyone to believing its Just Skin.

Chantecaille are a brand that incorporate skincare into make up, with an SPF factor of 15 and a botanicals complex to fight free radicals, the Just Skin not only looks nice, it has skincare benefits too.

Yes the product is expensive, it's a whopping £57 for a tube but a little really goes a long way with this. I chose the shade Bliss which is slightly warmer colour as summer is coming up but my winter shade would be Alabaster *cue Casper jokes*. Anyone that is considering trying this, head to your local Space NK where a make-up artist will be happy to colour match you and apply the product to your skin. Coverage lasts all day, a dab of concealer under the eyes around lunch time to banish panda eyes, but no reapplications necessary.

For lazy days when Im around the house, I will use a high street alternative - No.7 Tinted Moisturiser, but for days where I want to splash out and opt for high end, I look no further than Just Skin. This sinks in like a dream and really does look like skin. A dust of Nars Laguna and I'm good to go. Needless to say I will be stocking up for the warmer months as I can see this definitely being my go-to summer base...

Now, which way to the beach?


  1. Sounds like a lovely product, but wow, £57! Ouch haha! I guess it's worth it if it's that good and works for you :) xx

  2. I literally just shouted "FIFTY SEVEN POUNDS" in a high-pitched voice, out loud, 3 times hahaha. It sounds absolutely divine, but I'd expect it to be hand-delivered by Ryan Gosling and applied by doves at that price. ;) x

    1. Haha, this made me giggle. I bet you were glad it worked so well, I would have cried if it didn't work on me! It does have really pretty packaging!

      E x

  3. I've read only positive things of this, maybe at some point I will consider splashing out and treating myself, but unfortunately that won't be for a while :(

    Kate x
    PS Found you on the blog hop :)

  4. I'm desparate to get my hands on this before summer, it's raved about and I love my tinted moisturisers! Bye bye bank balance!

  5. This sounds amazing! Great review, doll! :) XO


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