Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bioderma H20 Crealine Solution

Well aren't I the biggest blogging cliche ever. Here we are again, another review of the Bioderma H20 Crealine solution, featured on every blog and YouTube video at the moment but now I know why. Jenny sent me this and I'm very grateful, so check out her blog!
Bioderma H20 Crealine Solution: around £16 on eBay

This has to be my go-to make up remover, this makes cleansing so simple and easy, if I've had a long day at work chances are I've applied more to last the day, especially mascara so when I come home after a long shift, I soak two cotton pads and press onto my eyes. Within seconds my mascara as has melted and removes like a dream.

I turn over the cotton pads and just give my face a quick wipe over, one thing I have to say about this is it did tend to break me out when I first started using it and I do find that it can be quite drying on my already very dry skin. The Bioderma also tastes horrible to avoid wiping your lips with it, but on that note, it does remove lipstick well.

I'm really impressed with this but I don't think it's something I'd repurchase, it tends to bring out spots and it's not really suitable on my skin. The biggest disadvantage to the Bioderma is the lack of availability over here in the UK!

Have you tried Bioderma or others like it?


  1. I've been so intrigued by Bioderma for ages now, especially because I heard it works really well on waterproof mascara too. It's a shame that it broke you out, I never would have thought that about this product!



  2. i had the same problem with this! it broke me out and dried my skin out even more :(


  3. I love Bioderma, I've been meaning to repurchase it for a while. The No. 7 cleansing water is really good too :)x


  4. I just bought this last week and I use it to remove all my makeup before using my Clarisonic. I've started breaking out too but i've put that down to the Clarisonic as i've only just started using it alongside a cleanser i've never used before. Wonder if this has anything to with it too...hmm!


  5. I really really want to try this! I have a Korres cleansing water that works really well but I definitely want to try this when I've used that up. I'm one for piling on mascara so I need something that'll remove it well! I'm going to Paris in the summer so hopefully I can pick this up then.

    I have a MAC Giveaway going on right now, check it out if you like and haven’t already! xo

  6. Sounds fab at removing make up, it's just a shame about the spots! They do one for oily skin that I'm really interested in :-)

  7. I bought this recently after hearing lots about it, I got it from ebay and it was about £7 for a tiny bottle. I have to say my experiences were similar to your own, I have dry skin and it didn't feel very moisturising to it.

    It removed my eye make up but not particularly better than any other removers I've used.

    If I was in France and saw it cheap I may buy it again but I probably wouldn't go to the hassle of ordering it again! x

  8. It's such a shame that it broke you out. I think i have bought the Green version which is more appropriate for my oily skin type but i haven't tried it out properly yet. I've used it once and the solution is very gentle and removed most of the make-up on my face except for my stubborn waterproof eye make-up. Thanks for the review, and i hate the fact that it is so difficult to get it in the UK!

    X x X x

  9. I recently tried this too and wasn't overly impressed. I like the idea of a cleansing water, just need to find the right one for me. xx


  10. So do you think that it is worth for that much money.. I cant imagine spending that much on a cleanser! <3
    Lots of love from

  11. I really like Bioderma but I don't use it everyday. I use it if I am just taking off my makeup throughout the day or if I am being lazy.


  12. I need to order some more! I have raved about it to my boyfriends sister. It is great for geting heavy make-up off! :)
    LaceyLoves x

  13. I think the scent might have something to do with breakouts, it did that with me but when I try new skincare that always happens. Love Bioderma x

  14. I do love this stuff, have tried others but always come back to it! Luckily I don;t have a problem with the breakouts, but I do think you have to use around 3 cotton pads before its all off, before I got a lit mirror I didn't realise I was leaving little bits of make up around my nose - I'd wiped there, but was just kinda smearing the liquid about, oops!!

    fridayisforeverblog.com xx


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