Thursday, 13 December 2012

Origins High Potency Night-a-Mins

I hear the angels sing, and what are they singing? *Ahhhhhh Origins Night-A-Mins*

Origins Night-A-Mins: £33

I've had some mixed opinions on Origins skin care, after the GinZing mishap and my love for Checks & Balances, I've been on the fence about their products... Until now.

Dry skin? Check. Tight feeling? Check. Uneven lack lustre skin tone? Check.

I'll throw my hands up immediately and say I slack in my skin care and one product I was desperate for was a night cream. I searched all over the blogosphere and up popped this baby!

The cream is thick, white and smells citrusy. I find a little goes a long way and the scent is subtle. The only gripe I have with this is that it leaves my skin a bit greasy but in the morning, I'm super moisturised and no grease in sight.

Now onto the samples... I got 4!!! One even a deluxe which I chose as an extra pot of the Origins Night-A-Mins, and 3 mini samples which include the Clear Up charcoal mask, Drink Up mask and Modern Friction face scrub.

The Clear Up mask is great, I slap this on a pesky spot to draw it out or down my t-zone to reduce to look of blackheads. All I all, this is good and I'll be purchasing full size.

The Drink Up mask? It's a bit hit and miss in my opinion, not something I found worked that well. On terms of hydration, I say the No.7 Hydration Mask is better.

And finally the scrub, great formulation and abrasive - what I like in a scrub! I'd purchase full size but the price puts me off! It's a strain on the purse strings but a little goes a long way - all swings and roundabouts!

Overall, my experience with Origins has been a bit mixed but more successful than last time.

Have you tried Origins? Do you like any of their products?


  1. Wowm, I'm really impressed with the samples you got! I'm alo looking for a night cream and this sounds awesome! xx

  2. One of my Christmas presents from my dad is an Origins Mask Marvels set. I've never tried Origins before and I am literally so excited! xo

  3. I really want to try this and I think I be buying it very shortly! Did you order it online?

  4. I really want to try Origins skincare. Defo adding some to my xmas wishlist. xx


  5. ooh interesting to hear you say you prefer the No7 hydrating mask, Il defo give that a try as its cheaper thanks for the recommendations!
    Really enjoying your blog, now following :)

  6. I've tried one of their moisturisers and I wasn't very impressed :(

  7. I love the Clear Improvements mask - it does wonders when my skin is freaking out. I really want to try more Origins, but they don't ship (via their website) to Australia and there is very little on e-Bay!

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  9. I really need to try out more Origins skincare - going to add a couple of these on my wishlist! x

  10. You can't go wrong with Origins in my mind, I've tried so many of their products and I don't have any negatives at all! They just seem to fit well with my skin and instantly reduce blemishes


  11. I just bought Modern Friction - so far so good!



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