Monday, 31 December 2012

2013 Beauty Resolutions

Who'd believe it was only a day away to 2013?! This year has gone by so fast and I have to say its been a hard year. With break ups and jobs, holidays and growing up, this year has been one where I've learnt a lot about myself and changed as a person.

I'm not going to write lots of resolutions I won't stick to, my main one is to get in shape but I've also made some beauty resolutions to help me feel better, relax and get myself into some routine... So here they are...

001. Dye my hair a different colour and have a good cut. My hair is so drab and boring, I'm thinking of going along the blonde route again and getting a different hairstyle. In general I need to look after my hair better, invest in quality products and use hair masks once a week.

002. Moisturiser, exfoliate and repeat many many times! I have the driest skin ever and I need to stop being lazy when I get out of the shower and slap on the moisturiser.

003. No technology in the bedroom. I know we're all slaves to our iPhone and iPads but I'm making it my aim to create a more relaxed atmosphere in my room with candles and dull lights. I already have trouble sleeping and being on YouTube till 2am isn't helping.

004. Eat well and drink more water. I think the main factor to my lack lustre skin is lack of water and too much caffeine. I am also starting slimming world and purchasing an exercise bike to get my bikini body for summer!

005. Look after my feet a bit more and by that I mean foot masks, scrubs, regular treatments - the whole shebang! I'm on my feet all day every weekday so I really need to get them in tip top shape! Everyone neglects their feet but they're just the same as hands and need TLC!

So there we have it, my resolutions for 2013. I'm well on my way with relaxing in my bedroom seeing as I'm redecorating and turning it into a very girly sanctuary. Hopefully I can stick to the rest. Watch this space!

What are your 2013 resolutions, beauty or otherwise?


  1. i'm doing mine weekly! i agree on moisturizing!

  2. Great resolutions, i'm going to try to use less heat on my hair!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. definitely need to moisturise my legs more! Im so lazy aha and drink more water and exercise! Xxx

  4. great resolutions! I'm with you on getting fit :)

  5. This post is great :) Gave me a few ideas for some of the resolutions i should be making for 2013. The winter months has taken a toll on my skin and i think i need to take moisturising more seriously now! My other New Years resolution also includes staying fitter and healthier with more regular exercise.
    I hope you have a great new year ahead~ xxx

  6. Love your resolutions - really gave me some ideas, I love the technology one, you're totally right, i'm up till stupid hours in the morning because I'm on the internet!xo

  7. I agree on the moisturizing one! I really need to get into a routine and stick with it. Also the one about a relaxing atmopshere for the bedroom, that one sounds wonderful :) X

  8. All fab - and all on my beauty resolutions list, with the exception of giving my hair TLC as I'm already addicted to masks and oils! I do Slimming World, I recommend going to a group rather than online if you can - I'm only 17 but they are SO welcoming :-) Good luck!

  9. I want to do sooo many of these, particularly the look after yourself more and create a nice relaxed bedroom, happy new year sweetie! xxx

  10. great list! I'm trying to not buy any makeup until I finish up most of my other products and definitely eat healthier and workout more. :)
    Melanie :)

  11. I need to start doing the moisturising routine too!
    Lots of love

  12. thanks for sending me your link in tonight's chat, your blog is fab! Good luck with your resolutions, no technology in the bedroom is a fab idea, might see if i can try that one x


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