Monday, 15 October 2012

An Introduction to Lush

Lush has been a brand I've never really been into. I always walk past their shops and the heavy scent puts me off and immediately makes me think it's all artificial but when I had a spare few hours I decided to take the plunge, go in and speak to an advisor.
To me, lush seems reasonably priced. I went in with the intention of getting some information about face masks and came out with a purchase and a little tester.

Lush Brazened Honey: £5.95/75g, Mask of Magnaminty: £4.95/125g

When I look for skincare I'm always looking for something to unclog my pores and brighten my skin - after telling the advisor this, she recommended the Brazened Honey mask to brighten and Mask Of Magnaminty for my problem areas.

The Brazened Honey mask is a fresh face mask that has to be kept in the fridge, it roughly lasts around a month and comes in a little pot which the advisor said would get 7-8 applications out of it. The mask is a thick grainy texture which dries on the skin and once the 5-10 minutes has passed, I exfoliate my skin using the grains in the scrub and wash off.
I notice after I've used this my skin does seem brighter and smoother. I apply the mask to my cheeks and forehead while the Mask Of Magnaminty is on my nose and chin. The only thing I dislike about the Brazened Honey mask is the scent, it's not overpowering or off putting, it's just something I'm not too keen on.

The advisor kindly gave me a little sample of Mask Of Magnaminty after telling about problem blackheads. Unlike the other mask, this has a strong minty scent which I like. To maximise effects of this mask, I cleanse my face beforehand with hot water to open pores then apply this mask to problem areas, which are my nose and chin. I leave this on when the other mask is on and again, it dries hard. It's tingly which really makes me feel like it's working. I'm looking to clear blackheads and I think so far so good, this seems to be reducing them in size but I'm not sure about removing them, I think I need something more industrial for that.
I've also noticed that blemishes have appeared on my nose and chin but I think that's a good sign that it's working - fingers crossed!

Do you like Lush? Have you tried any of their face masks/skincare products?


  1. Thank you for popping by my blog :)

    love the mask of magnaminty! it has been my go to mask for at least a year now.
    Yes blemishes usually mean that the spot is dead so good sign :) xxx

  2. mmm I love the Magnaminty one, smells soo good! make sure you use it fast cause it goes a long way and can go out of date!:)

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  3. I had no idea that Lush did face masks, I've being looking for some lately. Next time I'm in town am going to go to Lush and get some of this! I'll probably review it on blog, so I'll give you a mention on it firstly ♥

    1. Great thanks. Hope you enjoy them! :) x

  4. brazened honey is my favourite fresh face mask from LUSH :) I really love how smooth and soft it makes my skin feel after using it. I really ought to try the mask of magnaminty because i have problems with enlarged pores and i hope to reduce my blackheads :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this~


  5. Ooo Brazened Honey is lovely! Though I agree about the scent, I wasn't too keen on that either x

  6. I've not tried Lush before, but I'm quite tempted to try these now! I absolutely love your blog! I'm following you and I'd love it if you could follow me back? Felicity x

  7. would love to try brazened honey , i love lush. ! great review xx

  8. I love mask of magnaminty! I use it all the time! xo

  9. I've bought a few Lush face masks and really like them but I use them, put them in the fridge and then forget I have them ha ha. Ditzy or what :)

    Tanesha x


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