Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Professional Beauty 2011 at Manchester Central

Yesterday, I went to Manchester Central with college to attend the Profession Beauty exhibition which runs every year. At the exhibition, there are various stalls in the arena with loads of different companies. Some well known ones that were there yesterday were Dermalogica, Fake Bake, Decleor, Elemis and CND. Unfortunately for me, I got up early, rushed around and totally forgot my camera but I've taken photos of the products I bought and samples I received. One thing I really regret buying is a waxing kit and beauty case but silly me didn't take enough money, it was so easy to impulse buy! I apologise for the poor picture quality due to bad camera and lighting, it's so hard to take decent photos when it's getting so dark early.

First thing I purchased was a bottle of Fake Bake self tanner which only cost me £10. Items such as lotions and mousse's were more expensive but this one but they were still cheap. I had this one that I bought tested on my arms and I liked it so I thought I would give it a go. In the box comes the lotion, a spray top, a pair of latex gloves and a self tan mit. I'm very impressed with the mit - it's extremely good quality. I'll be doing a review on this item later on.

Another nail strengthener! This one apparently won awards from Cosmo so being gullible like I am - I purchased it. Another item I'll probably do a review on.
Nubar glitter nail polish. I originally wanted the silver one so I could use it as a top coat but the were sold out so got the next best thing which was purple! This bottle cost me £3.80, they were also running an offer for 3 for £11.

Big big big China Glaze fan and for £3.95 per polish I wasn't about to pass up that opportunity. I picked up some dark shades because purples/blacks/greys are my favourite colours. I also purchased a top coat which was only £4.75! Really a bargain. L-R, the first one is a red shimmery polish, the second is a purple shimmer polish the same effect to the first one and the last polish is a dull deep red/brown colour. I tried my best to show the colours even with flash on. I'll do some swatches in a post later on.

I queued for over half an hour to have my skin professionally mapped and be recommended the best products for my skin. The woman first gave me a sheet explaining how the therapists map the skin then once the woman had seen me, she used some goggles with a light on to examine the skin and used the skin map sheet to recommend the best products to me. I took this sheet over to a counter and was given a product guide and a pouch full of samples specific to my skin type. I'm a huge Dermalogica fan and really love all their products!

Overall, I really enjoyed my day and will definitely return next year, this time with my camera and a lot more money!


  1. I love the glitter-purple nail polish..it is simply amazing and perfect for winter :)

  2. I really want to try China Glaze ! Lovely colours!


    Em xx

  3. I'm really tempted to try dermalogica products, they sound good x


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