Monday, 29 August 2011

The Ugly Truth

Apologies for poor picture quality, my cameras not great and the lighting was bad.

Continuing my make-up post, here are my make-up brushes and the tweezers I use - The main two brands I use are Jemma Kidd and Bobbi Brown. The Jemma Kidd set was given to me as a birthday present when I was 17 (so I've had them a long time!), they were just bought from boots and came with a little pot but I keep them in my Starbucks mug. The Bobbi Brown collection was the basic set I bought but if anyone's looking to buy Bobbi Brown brushes, I strongly advise against it.
Out of the two sets, the Jemma Kidd collection is definitely better quality than the Bobbi Brown set. After washing the Bobbi Brown set, the brushes tended to lose shape and hairs constantly fall out of them, especially the white powder brush, whereas the Jemma Kidd collection stays in shape and good condition.

Foundation: I use two foundation brushes depending on which foundation I use, I tend to use the Bobbi Brown foundation brush if I'm wearing Estee Lauder double wear because the foundation clogs up the brush because it's very thick. The other foundation brush is just from a brand in Boots (Mister Mascara I think?) and retails around £6 (again, not entirely sure) but it's definitely better than the Bobbi Brown brush, and I use it to apply my MAC studio fix foundation. It has a little concealer brush at the bottom which I use when I apply my Boi-ing concealer.

Blush/Powder: When I apply bronzer I use the Bobbi Brown bronzing brush (1st brush on the left) to my cheeks and all over my face. If I'm wearing powder, I will use the powder brush - as I said before, when it's washed, hairs tend to fall out of the brush and can be left over my face which is annoying. The brushes don't blend well and sometimes I can look like a clown when applying bronzer.

Eyes: I regularly wear eyeshadow and I use different brushes depending on the eyeshadow effect I want to achieve. When I apply a white eyeshadow base I use either the Bobbi Brown brush or the bigger of the two Jemma Kidd brushes to cover my whole eyelid then I use the pointed Jemma Kidd brush to blend it into the crease of my eye then when I apply darker colours to my eye, I use the smaller of the two.
For my eyebrows I just use some tweezers, I've no idea what brand they are but they are good. Ideally I would like a pair of tweezerman tweezers.

To clean my make-up brushes, all I use is a mild shampoo, cleaning them twice, rinsing and leaving on my windowsill to dry.

I seriously need to invest in a new set of make-up brushes, do any of you have any recommendations? I know MAC are the holy grail of make-up brushes so they may have to be my next investment.


  1. I wouldn't have a clue what to do with all of those brushes but they all look nice all lined up together. I think the most I use is a blending brush and foundation brush.

  2. I like mac brushes but they are so expensive! They shed a fair bit too I have found. I prefer my Sigma brushes, they're like a cheaper alternative and don't use as much animal hair.

  3. I have a couple of Jemma Kidd brushes which I really love, but I find it hard to get them nowadays, so I've started using Sigma, which are lovely quality :)
    Boots have an alternative to Tweezermans which are more affordable, but still have the stainless steel slanted finish! xx

  4. Not going to lie by Essence of Beauty from CVS, a drugstore, I dont know if you have it near you, but has brushes that are pretty good quality for pretty cheap. suprisinglyy


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