Favourite Summer Foundations

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Can we say summers here? Well, I'm going to. The weather is hotter and that means my foundation is prone to slip and slide all over my face. Here's a roundup of the bases I've been choosing, one for every occasion.

For every day I want a foundation that's good on coverage but also stays put all day. I've never been a girl to top up my make up half way through the day as I just can't be bothered/don't have time so I always look for a long lasting base. The Mac Pro Longwear Foundation is medium coverage meaning depending on how my skin looks, I can build it to my desired coverage. A little goes a long way and it's super easy to buff into my skin using the Louise Young LY34. If my skin is looking a lot better or it's particularly hot, I opt for the Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow, a foundation that's a skincare makeup hybrid, lighter in coverage than the Mac offering but the lasting powder is very much the same. This foundation gives a slightly dewier finish and depending on the desired coverage, it looks just like skin.

For those lazy days, I choose tinted moisturisers and the only one I've found that really is worth mentioning is Chantecaille Just Skin. This is very much a tinted moisturiser but it has a slightly better coverage so it could also be classed as a light coverage foundation. It's light weight and sits lovely on the skin without making it greasy. The lasting power of this is around 5 hours but set with a powder it usually lasts all day on my dry skin. Downside to this is the price tag, setting you back a massive £58.

Finally, for those summer nights out or events, we all need a high coverage foundation right? Well my pick of the bunch has to be Nars Sheer Glow. With it's medium buildable coverage which provides a flawless and dewy (but not the greasy kind) finish, this foundation lasts all day without needing any fixers. It's a heavier coverage foundation, if you know you're going to be getting hot and sweaty, I'd steer clear. It contains no SPF so it's picture perfect ready and the coverage means you'll be end to spend those summer evenings enjoying yourself rather than worrying about your foundation.

What's your favourite foundation(s) for summer?
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Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream

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I love my skincare routine and it's pretty much all Clarins, but one item I've really struggled to find "the one" of is an eye cream. I've tried many in the past ranging from high street to high end, and although I can't comment on if any have improved signs of aging, I purely look for an eye cream that can deliver on hydration.

I have some fine lines under my eyes and that's purely down to being dehydrated. I don't drink enough water and I probably don't get the right amount of sleep, hence adding dark circles into the mix. I've previously tried the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and that really was a wonder product, is was a thick rich cream which sunk into the eye area quickly and left a perfect base for make up. So after perusing the Bobbi Brown website, I decided to pick up the Extra Eye Repair Cream after reading so many rave reviews.

In comparison to the Hydrating Eye Cream, this is a much thicker consistency - think of Sudocrem, it's slightly creamier but that initial application is stiff and hard to blend. I've used this a couple of times before I got hang of the application and I've found it's a product you've got to warm up in your fingers before applying. If not, it drags the skin around the eyes and will no doubt cause you trouble in the long run. The cream is super hydrating, once it's warmed up and massaged around the eye area, it sinks in quickly and really packs a punch with hydration, even with a thicker consistency it works well under concealer and doesn't cause creasing. I have to say I've noticed a change in the fine lines around my eyes and the skin is much smoother and hydrated.

I can't say if I prefer this over the Hydrating Eye Cream as it's a new consistency to get used to (I HATE Sudocrem) and I am always cautious in case this is dragging around my eyes but in terms of moisturising, it does what it claims. I can't say I've found "the one" yet but stay tuned, I could change my mind...

Do you use an eye cream? Which one do you use?
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La Perla In Rosa EDP

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Summer is on it's way and with all my Winter fragrances being heavy, I was dying to get my hands on a scent that was fresh, slightly floral with a hint of sweetness to it and that came in the form of La Perla In Rosa*

The elements of La Perla In Rosa reveal chypre harmony opening with elegant fruits of sweet raspberry and crisp pear, spiced by a pinch of pink pepper. In the heart, beautiful flowers of rose, refreshing cyclamen and flirty floral violet, encapsulate femininity. Lasting notes caress the skin with the warmth of patchouli, amber and sandalwood, alluding sensuality.

To me this is very similar to Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and Thierry Mugler Angel but without that overbearing sweet sickly scent, this is a perfume that sits better after 30 minutes and although it remains a strong scent it really dulls down and any overpowering scent disappears leaving a beautiful rose fragrance. I've found it lasts all day on my clothes but tends to wear off my skin after 6 hours. I have the Eau De Parfum which is heavier than the Eau De Toilette but seeing as summer is hopefully around the corner, the EDT would be perfect as an everyday summer fragrance. Lets also touch on the packaging, it's sleek, the triangle bottle is classic with the pink nude box and lid. It's also travel friendly and has a secure top so it's not rolling around in your handbag open.

Overall this has been a fragrance I've been using daily and I've had many compliments on it, it's not too overbearing but it's a true feminine scent which is perfect for day or night.
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Monthly Favourites: May

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This month seems to be flying so before you know it, I'll be writing my June favourites. I hope you've all had a great May, mine has been up and down to be honest, but hey, onwards and upwards and onto the beauty bits I loved last month...

Origins Make A Difference+ Moisturiser
This isn't up there with the Clarins HydraQuench, that stuff is golden but I fancied a switch up in my routine and picked this up at my local CCO. Firstly it smells gorgeous, just like all other Origins products and it's a gel-cream texture meaning it glides over the skin and sinks in so quickly. I've found that in the hot weather it's really helped as it's light in weight compared to the Clarins offering and helps keep my skin hydrated without giving off that "sweaty shine".

Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy
I bought this when I discovered Kylie Jenner's lips (like everyone else), I tried it then put it in my stash but recently if I've fancied wearing a lipstick I pick this as it's a nude colour so works well with any outfit, but as it's a darker nude it's more eye-catching.

Anastasia Brow Wiz
I love good brows and at the moment, mine are dying for a threading so when I've wanted to fill in any sparse areas, I've picked this. The fine nib means it's easy to pencil in brows subtly and the formula is pigmented and creamy. I especially like the spoolie on the end of this.

Mac Pro-Longwear Concealer
This has been in my favourites at least 2 times before. It's the bomb. Best concealer ever. High coverage, lasts all day. That is all.

Wilko Stippling Brush
A MAC dupe at a fraction of the cost. I use this for powder, base, bronzer, blusher... It literally does every job but I especially like it for bronzer, it picks up the right amount of my Solar Powder. I need another one because this is very well loved but at £4, you can't argue with that. Washed with the Dr Bronner soap, it keeps its shape and has 0 shedding!

What products have you loved throughout May?
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