Another Go At Liz Earle...

Thursday, 20 November 2014

I love my skincare. I am always up for trying new cleansers, lotions and potions to make my dehydrated skin glow a little bit more and make it look more plump. When Liz Earle got in touch and sent me some of their products to try, I couldn't wait. I had previously tried the cleanse and polish but didn't really find that I was overly wowed by it so I was eager to give it another go.

The Cleanse and Polish* is the best selling hot cloth cleanser which is a cult product in the beauty world. I love a hot cloth cleanser, there's no nicer feeling that washing your make up off after a long day. I really liked the scent of this, it's definitely got a hint of eucalyptus in it and smells slightly menthol which is really cooling on the skin, especially after a long day. The cream is thick and worked into the skin it removes all the grime and even the most stubborn of mascara. The cleanse and polish came in a handy travel case with two muslin clothes which you use with the cleanser to remove make up. These were my favourite clothes before I went onto using flannels but the thin material means it's easy to get into nooks and crannies such as around the nose and corners of your eyes. I've found that with prolonged use the cleanser has really made my skin feel soft and im breaking out less (my skin is having a meltdown at the minute), I think the natural products used in the cleanse and polish are contributing to this dramatically!

Now onto the Skin Repair Moisturiser*, I was sent the normal/combination one which isn't really suitable for my skin on an evening. I really like to pack in some hydration on a night, but this works well on a morning under my make up. It sinks into the skin quickly without leaving a sticky or tacky residue. The cream really hydrates my skin as it sinks in but doesn't leave me with that sweaty shiny glow (we all know that girls). The cream is practically scent less and gentle, it would be suitable for those with sensitive skin as it doesn't appear to have anything in it that could irritate.

Can I say I was wrong about Liz Earle before? Well yeah, I really have discovered a brilliant cleanser which I would pick up when this runs out, but when it comes to the moisturiser, it's not one I'd purchase myself. I need something that packs a punch to help my dehydrated skin.

A New Beauty from Nars...

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

When a limited edition product hits the shops, I am like a kid in a sweet shop. I don't know if it's the possible thought that the item could go out of stock, or because limited edition packaging is usually eye wateringly good, but something clicks in my head and I just have to have it. The Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette was no exception to this. I am a sucker for Nars, I'm a sucker for their blushers and I'm a sucker for packaging, obviously it was meant to be.

This five piece cheek palette houses a blusher for everyone, for every occasion and it even contains a highlighter. Each product in the palette is finely milled and pigmented which I always love about Nars' products.

Miss Liberty is a light golden peach highlighter with a white sparkle running through it that reflects beautifully when light hits the face, which of course this means it's not a very subtle highlighter and one I'll be choosing to wear during the winter months.

Deep Throat is a sheer coral blush which has an undertone of gold. The colour pay off of this isn't a strong as the other blushes in the palette but it creates a soft, peach sheen on the cheeks.

Sex Fantasy is described as a "pale lavender pink", a pink blush that is very cool toned and offers a matte finish. This shade is one I've not really figured out if it suits me yet, I'm a creature of habit and I like my peach and orange blushes so this has yet to win me over.

Final Cut is a matte blush in a peach coral which looks almost neon in the pan but the colour payoff but really compliments my skin tone.

Of course, the palette does contain the bronzer Laguna which is my holy grail bronzing powder, I was actually running out of this so when I saw this palette included it, it sealed the deal.

The palette's packaging is spot on, it's in an easy wipe-clean casing which is different from the dirt attracting black of the standard Nars products. It's the perfect size to fit in a medium make up bag and it's sturdy meaning it's travel friendly, I love a palette I can take in my make up bag when I'm running late for work (which is often). This retails for £45.00 on Space NK but hurry ladies, I have a feeling it's this years answer to the One Night Stand Palette.

Disappointing Products #2

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Don't you hate being a beauty blogger and hating a product? I know I certainly do, I think because us girls write about this and we love it, every beauty product should be good but sometimes they just don't make the cut and this time, we're talking eyes and eyebrows.

Clarins Ombre Matte in Nude Beige, Taupe & Sparkle Grey* | These little pots were a beauty release I was so excited for. I'm not really that skilled in the eyeshadow department, I think I've just cracked a bronze smokey eye but that's about as far as my skills go so when they were released I jumped straight onto the bandwagon and couldn't wait to cut down my 20 minute eyeshadow application down to 5. These little pots are a creamy eyeshadow that turns into powder when applied on the lid and it's this aspect of them I really disliked, I found that when I applied the eyeshadow and let it dry, it looked chalky on my eyelid and there wasn't much colour payoff. I applied the shade Sparkle Grey and Nude Beige together and once they'd dried out, I literally looked like I had a black eye. I usually love Clarins and can't fault their other products, but this? Not so great.

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil | Bit of a controversial dislike as this product is doing the rounds on blogs at the moment. This pencil is actually the old style brow pencil which has the felt tip style pen on the other end. I've heard this compared to the Anastasia Brow Whiz and I can't compare there but if it's anything like this, I'll give it a miss. I really couldn't get on with this product, the pencil is far too grey looking and quite solid so it's really hard to work an even colour through the brows. The felt tip? Absolutely awful, don't know about you girls but I try not to look like a 3 year old has applied my make up. The felt tip is literally like a colour crayon which distributes product in the most inconsistent way, making sparse then darker patches in my brows. Give me my Hourglass Brow Arch Pencil any day!

L'Oreal Super Liner | Another product where I really can't understand the hype. The formula of this product is terrible and while I was applying it, the pen would dry out leaving my eyeliner looking lumpy, messy and generally awful. The only thing I do like is it washes away in bits instead of smearing it all around my eye but you're lucky if you can get it looking consistent and dark enough.

Rimmel Brow This Way | I'm a tough girl to please in the brow department, I think it's purely because I have a routine of my Hourglass pencil and Maybelline Brow Drama and it just works, the Maybelline brow gel is actually on it's way out so I picked this up on a whim hoping it would be good. Wrong. It's a thick dark creamy gel which is on a small brush, apparently this is a dupe for Benefit's Gimme Brow but I can't compare. I've tried multiple times to brush this on my brows using minimal product, I've wiped the excess off the brush but the finished look more or less resembles slugs. It's just not for me and I'll be repurchasing the Maybelline Brow Drama.

Maxfactor Masterpiece Line & Define Eyeliner | And lastly, another terrible eyeliner. Thank goodness I'm not a liner girl the majority of the time, I'm very picky, but this really is just like the L'Oreal liner. It's very much the same in formula and on application it dries out half way so when it's being applied it just looks messy. Please leave your eyeliner recommendations below.

I hope I've mananged to stop you ladies buying some terrible products so save those pennies, an October favourites post and a newly released blush palette review will be up soon and they're products worth buying.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich Eye Cream

Sunday, 19 October 2014

I love a good eye cream, it's a staple in my morning and evening skincare routine and as soon as I stop using one, I can immediately see the difference. I've tried a fair few eye creams in the past, ones claiming to banish all signs of fine lines and others purely dedicated to plumping out the eye area. Previously, the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream has been my holy grail eye cream and one I've not strayed from, until I tried the Clinique All About Eyes Rich Eye Cream. I picked this up in duty free in Skiathos, having not heard much about the product itself and only it's lighter counterpart, it was the word 'rich' that really drew me in and it's been a purchase I haven't regretted.

Now the product itself is a thick pink cream, very firm in the tub but as soon as it's worked between the fingers and applied on the skin, the product thins and blends in effortlessly. I find that all I need is a pea sized amount to moisturise both eyes, using my ring fingers to apply the cream round my eyes and orbital bone. Once applied onto the skin it sinks in really quickly which is something I love, it's perfect for those half 6 mornings when I'm rushing to apply my skincare and make up. It's not often I find a Clinique product that really agrees with my skin, I've tried their 3 step system and their cleansing balm and each time I've broken out so to say this works is a miracle.

This little pot of cream really packs a punch in the hydration department, after it's applied my eye area is soft, smooth and prepared for any concealer. I find this is a perfect base to use for under eye concealer, the concealer doesn't cake or crease after I've used this, which again gets a big thumbs up from me. My biggest make up pet peeve is when concealer creases under the eyes. In terms of how I'll look when I'm 50 with continuous use, only time will tell. It's a great step for us young ladies who are wanting to combat the first signs of ageing and add some moisture. The eye cream doesn't have any bold statements about anti ageing or correcting the eye area, it does what it says on the tin and delivers intense hydration.