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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Technic Prime It Illuminating Face Primer

Primers aren't a beauty product I ever tend to reach for when applying my make up but ever since discovering this gem from TK Maxx I've been smitten with it. The packaging is very Benefit That Gal-esque so I assume this is a dupe for it at a fraction of the cost, I picked this up for £2.99 for 33ml whereas the Benefit That Gal retails for £21.50 for 11ml, so who can argue with that?

As you can see from the swatch the consistency is a thick white cream with a pearlised finish. I tend to prefer this to the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer as the finish is much more subtle. After I've applied the product to my face it does leave my skin feeling slightly tacky but this creates a better base for my foundation. The longevity of my foundation depends on which one I am using on that day, I've teamed this up with Nars Sheer Glow (which I've found to be long lasting) and I've been able to go from day to night. I've also worn this with the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and together my make up has lasted a strong 9-10 hours without a touch up.

The difference between this and the Benefit offering is simply the colour and packaging, That Gal is a pink cream in a twist up applicator whereas this is a white cream in a pump dispenser. I personally prefer the packaging of this in comparisons to Benefit's as it makes application less messy. This is such a great alternative to That Gal if you're wanting to try it but don't fancy splashing out the cash.

Do you use primers? Have you tried this?

Monday, 22 February 2016

Hair Care for Blonde Hair

I love being blonde but it comes at a price, regular trips to the salon and intense bleaching means I really have to do my best to look after my locks, I take a trip to the hairdressers around every 8 weeks for highlights and cut to keep the ends looking healthy but in between I have my own routine to keep it in tip top condition.

To maintain the colour of my hair and keep any brassiness at bay I use the Charles Worthington Colour Revive Violet Toning Mousse after washing. I only really use this once a week maximum as I've found it to be intense. Unlike a wash off mousse or purple shampoo, you apply this to damp hair after shampooing and whatnot then comb through to even out the product and move straight onto blow drying. I'm not sure if it's heat activated but this really does work, I've found more results using this once a week opposed to regular purple shampoo. Some areas of my hair where the highlights are lighter can look almost white/silvery which is what I like about this and it really does help brighten up the colour and remove any yellow tones.

For dry shampoo I use the Klorane Nettle Dry Shampoo which is perfect for those with oily hair. I find even though my hair is bleached and dry on the ends, my roots are still very much prone to becoming greasy. I've found that using this in between washing and styling can make my hair last up to 4 days which for someone who used to religiously wash my hair everyday, that's an achievement. What I love most about this product is the formula, once I spray this into my hair it's invisible so I'm not fighting to brush it out of my roots. The product is also great for creating volume so if I'm wanting that second day blow dry look, I can easily achieve it using this.

To condition my hair I use a trio of products depending on how I'm feeling (basically whether I'm being lazy). If I opt to leave my hair to air dry I prefer to use a nourishing treatment such as the Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle Spray, this is an argan oil formula in a spray bottle which makes dispensing the product so easy. I've found that it really penetrates the ends of my hair as well as taming fly aways and makes detangling pain free. To protect my hair from heat theres only one product I opt for and that's the Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil Primer, infused with oil it not only helps nourish my hair but prep and protect it ready for heat styling. To begin with I wasn't a huge fan of it when my hair was brown as it made my hair appear greasy but I'm loving it now my hair is bleached. When I'm styling my hair using the Babyliss Big Hair or my GHDs, I use the Bumble & Bumble Repair Blow Dry to achieve a well-grommed do. The serum-in-creme contains a heat protectant to protect my hair from any heat, nourish the ends and keep styles looking healthy for up to 3 days. I can't say it personally lasts 3 days for me but when I'm opting for a sleek blow dry this is my go to product.

Do you have coloured hair? What products do you use?

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bedtime Beauty

Bedtime is my favourite time of day and previously my routine would consist just diving straight into bed with the TV on but recently I've been trying to make the most of my beauty regime before I settle down into a slumber. I always make sure I do my night time skincare routine before getting into bed but on my bedside table I have been reaching for these products that have really made a difference.

Before I physically get into bed, I spray my pillow with the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, theres only one word to describe this spray and it's HEAVEN, the lavender scent is so soothing and relaxing. If I'm feeling especially tense or in need of some proper relaxation, I take the This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less rollerball and apply this to my pressure points and take around 5-10 minutes sat on my bed quietly, inhaling the scent, this does wonders for relaxing me before I sleep and I've found by doing this I have a solid nights sleep.

A must for me at the moment is a good lip balm as my lips have been so dry and chapped so I always make sure I have the pot of Carmex Lip Balm at the side of my bed and in my handbag. It works intensively overnight and most mornings I do wake up and I can still feel some residue on my lips, which I like as it feels it's locking in moisture. Being a shellac wearer I take good care of my hands and I always believe a good hand cream makes a huge difference, the E45 Repair & Protect Overnight Hand Cream is an intensive moisturiser that works overnight to keep my hands, nails and cuticles feeling nourished. Finally I close my eyes and mist the Asda Dry Eye Spray over each eyelid to hydrate my eyes. This is a dupe for the Optrex Actimist but for half the price, being a contact lens wearer my eyes are prone to becoming dry so I use this as and when I need to keep it at bay.

Once my regime is completed, I climb into my bed and delve into a good book, at the moment I'm currently reading The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. Everyone who has read this tells me how brilliant it is and the reviews speak for itself. I'm trying to limit the amount of technology use on an evening so settling down with a book has been the best way to ensure I relax and get some quality sleep.

Do you have a bedtime routine?
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